Gateless Uprising

Gateless Uprising by wlframe

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6 mythics

1 white, 2 blue, 1 black, 1 red, 1 green

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Second Set of Ravnica 3.0 - exclusively mono cards

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+1 Detain up to one target creature.
-1 Until your next upkeep, you may cast a monocolored blue spell from your hand as though it had flash.
-6Search your library for a monocolored blue card. Put that card into your hand, then shuffle your library
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2014-03-02 19:00:36 by wlframe
Legendary Creature – Sphinx
{x}: Counter target multicolor spell with a converted mana cost equal to X.
last 2014-03-14 00:42:20 by jmgariepy
Legendary Creature – Dragon
{r}: [Name], Rage of the Gateless deals 1 damage to target multicolored creature.
"Niv-Mizzet will regret the day he cloned him when he finds the Gateless at his door with his fire on their torches." – Elspeth Tirel
Legendary Creature – Hydra
[Name], Voice of the Gateless's Power and toughness are equal to the number of multicolored creatures your opponents control plus the number of monocolored creatures you control.
Legendary Creature – Angel
Flying, Lifelink, protection from Multicolored.
[Name], Sheild of the Gateless can block up to 3 creatures.

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On [Name], Eyes of the Gateless:

Mm. Probably fair. I wouldn't make it a Mythic, since I don't think people should have to pay through the nose for their hosers... but I wouldn't bat an eye if this was rare.

That said, you'd think it would just be easier to write "{x}: Counter target multicolor spell with a converted mana cost equal to X." Reads more powerful in my mind, too.

On [Name], Eyes of the Gateless:

A very potent multi-colour hoser. Kinda specific, and it DOES cost {x}{3}{u}{u}; so not exactly the cheapest hoser ever printed. As long as the set has some mono-coloured ways to get rid of or around it, maybe it's safe?

(After all, they have to leave the mana up to make use of it; it's not exactly the biggest threat around, and you can get around it just by casting mono-coloured spells...)

On [Name], Eyes of the Gateless:

this seems incredibly prohibitive. maybe consider a soft counter instead?

On [Name], Azorius Defector:

still looking for a name, if anyone has any ideas. I'm wanting him/her to be an original vedalkin planeswalker whose Spark ignited during a riot that the Boros put down, after returning from planeswalking, he/she defected from the Azorius guild to join the Gateless.

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