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~ enters the battlefield tapped and doesn't untap during your untap step.
Whenever you're attacked, untap ~.
Creature – Fish
When Loan Shark enters the battlefield, target player gets a debt counter. (If a debtor would add a mana to their mana pool, remove a debt instead.)
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2014-01-14 11:47:49 by Alex
Creature – Demon
For each {1} you'd pay to cast Bargain Demon, you may get a debt counter instead. (If a debtor would add a mana to their mana pool, remove a debt instead.)
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2014-01-14 11:49:08 by Alex
{2}: Exile another target permanent you control. When Safe Deposit Box is no longer on the battlefield, return the exiled card to the battlefield.
{t}: Sacrifice Safe Deposit Box.
last 2014-01-16 10:22:19 by Alex
Creature – Bird
Whenever Quoting Raven deals damage to a player, that player gets a debt counter. (If a debtor would add a mana to their mana pool, remove a debt instead.)

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On Safe Deposit Box:
On Safe Deposit Box:

Odd interaction with two of these on the board. They can target each other in response to their own abilities. Probably not broken, though, since the second safe deposit box is still kind of redundant. That, and the cost to activate to exile a Nekrataal, then activate a box, then activate a box... yeah... "{6}: Exile, then return target creature to the battlefield" seems like a fair activation cost.

On Safe Deposit Box:

this was created to be safer than Safe Haven and Synod Sanctum, which both involve a decent sized risk of backfiring due to meddling opponents

while it's true Banisher Priest works exactly the same, this wording makes it clearer that if the box is blown up with the blink ability on the stack the target will still return safely and not get trapped

On Safe Deposit Box:

Works very similarly to Safe Haven and Synod Sanctum. This is perhaps a bit more expensive than it needs to be by comparison with those. It also probably doesn't need to be rare.

Templating-wise, you could probably mirror Banisher Priest with this: "Exile another target permanent you control until ~ leaves the battlefield."

On Bargain Demon:

Whoo. Reminiscent of Cradle Guard. This one hits even earlier - turn 2 rather than turn 3 for your 4/4 trampler - and gives you quite a bit more flexibility about when to pay the echo... but you always have to pay it sooner or later, even if this gets killed before the attack. Exciting, but balanced. Good stuff!

On Loan Shark:

Hee. Delightful effect. Something like "Target land doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step", but with a variety of interesting interactions. I like it.

On Safe Deposit Box:

Interesting. Multibounce. A way to duck sweepers, remove counters etc. Seems a bit costly to use; but maybe being able to sweep everything up on the cheap is too powerful.

I note the 'other' to prevent shennaigans with exiling itself. And nothing bad seems to happen if you use one on another one. So.. nifty.

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