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This is intended as a 360 card Custom Cube containing and devoted to some of Magic's characters who just never actually had cards. Also included will be some general support cards, to make some drafting strategies within the set. Making this a singleton set intended for drafting alone means I can emphasize legends in a way Kamigawa tried but couldn't meaningfully do.

All cards right now are very rough draft. They will definitely be changing as I figure out what the set needs, or as I figure out better ways to capture the characters.

Also, dredging through thousands of cards' flavor texts is hard. If you have any obscure, flavor text characters you would like to see, or think that I am really missing, send me a comment here!

You might want to have cards for the two siblings in Innistrad (Gisa and Geralf)if you weren't already planning on that, also Ludevic

There's always Fblthp.

Ho yeah, I think I may combine Gisa and Geralf into one card (like Tibor and Lumia). Ludevic will probably just be blue.

Fblthp may or may not be a planeswalker I'm planning for the set. Haven't decided yet :P

I wouldn't mind seeing Kara Vrist be a card. You know... that girl who thinks a Defensive Stance consists of falling backwards. There's a few other cards with her flavor on it, but the only time we ever see Kara in action, is when she casts what must be the worst aura in all of Magic. ;)

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