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Creature – Centaur Druid
{t}: Add {g}.
{t}: Add {r}, Centaur Branchburner deals 1 damage to you.
Snow Artifact
Coldsteel Heart enters the battlefield tapped.
As Coldsteel Heart enters the battlefield, choose a colour.
{t}: Add one mana of the chosen colour.
Snow Land – Plains
({t}: Add {w}.)
Sub-Arctic Field enters the battlefield tapped.
{s}, {t}: Add {w}{w}.
last 2012-03-29 10:30:23 by Camruth
Snow Land – Mountain
({t}: Add {r}.)
Snow-Shrouded Peak enters the battlefield tapped.
{s}, {t}: Add {r}{r}.
last 2011-07-07 00:13:06 by Darkheart
Snow Land
Permafrost Expanse enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Snow Forest or a Snow Plains.
{t}: Add {g} or {w}.

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On Sunfall Sorceror:

An aside: After having worked with Gatherer's feedback rating system for a while, I've noticed that cards that ask you to discard a card randomly almost always score terribly. A good way to see this in action is the comparative scores of Stormbind versus Coral Helm.

Stormbind deals 2 damage, but requires red and green to get started. Coral Helm gives +2/+2, but costs {1} more to activate. 2 damage is generally going to be better than +2/+2... but not to an overwhelming degree. And that {1} difference is going to mean something. But Stormbind has a rating of 3.776, while Coral Helm has a rating of 1.625.

That difference is pretty huge. And while I'm sure part of the reason why this is the case is because Stormbind is honestly a better card. I'm also pretty sure that part of the reason is that Stormbind was in tournament decks, so it gets respected, while Coral Helm was not, so it gets hated, hated, hated.

This is a lot of writing to put down on a minor point... and not even a point I'm trying to sell, eh? I mean, I think it's perfectly legit to use discard at random as a cost. I just think it's important to recognize how many players it actively upsets.

On Sunfall Sorceror:

Cycle of creatures that share the same abilities - all with white ability have same ability, same with blue, black, etc. To match the Wedge colour Legendary creature cycle.

On Debronian War Wizard:

Not sure on the black ability, too weak? too powerful?

On Sub-Arctic Field:

I think the idea was that if you are playing a multi colour deck, these help you smooth your mana. If this was your only source of White Mana but you had say 3 snow Mountains, you could use a snow red to filter through this into two white.

On Sub-Arctic Field:

Doh! You're right, never mind. I'm waaaaaay too paranoid about lands, I can't even count correctly any more :)

On Sub-Arctic Field:

Well, actually it would be "Tap another land and this one: Add WW." That's not acceleration. You can get the same effect by tapping two Plains. ;)

On Sub-Arctic Field:

I like the design a lot.

[Edit: disregard this, I can't count.] It's unfortunately probably too strong as is, since if you can play it in constructed with 20 snow plains, 4 sub-arctic fields, it's basically "ETB. T: WW." which is significantly better than all non-banned lands?

On Sub-Arctic Field:

Hey! Neat idea!

On Sub-Arctic Field:

I like this cycle.

On Alpine Fox:

­Arctic Foxes was an interesting idea very poorly implemented.
This is interesting in that in-block it is only an OK creature but outside of its block its usefulness is much greater as it almost becomes a 1/1 unblockable.

I may have to change the ability to" {s}: Alpine Fox can only be blocked by snow creatures until end of turn." if it proves too good as is.

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