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Colour indicator UR Legendary Planeswalker – haruhi
+1: Each Player May Gain one life for each Female they control, or Draw 1 card.

-2: Exile target permanent. Return it to the battlefield under its owners control with a +1/-1 counter on it during your opponents next end step.

-8: You get an emblem with "All Females creatures have Infect."
Illus. Norpfang
1 comment
2015-02-05 15:51:30 by movezig5
{3}{t}: All Players new Life total becomes 20. Then Remove the top 5 cards from your library and put them into the graveyard.
{3}{t}: All Players put all cards in their graveyards back into their Library, then you loose 5 life.
Illus. Norpfang
last 2012-12-14 05:13:11 by Norpfang
Sora no otoshimono ikaros 02 by kinaquinquina d3fewx9
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature Toughness is reduced to one and is Indestructible.
Equip {3}
Illus. Norpfang
last 2012-12-15 19:40:57 by Alex
Images?q=tbn:and9gcqjhthrrqngmgqkms soxqoiiao0lusllwyr0wpus4t9fkcc9tkjvfyo1mvka
{1}{t}: add {u}{r}{g} to your mana pool, target opponent gains 1 life.
Illus. Norpfang
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature has Bend – When It deals damage to a creature that destroys it you may put a 1/1 Blue Female Creature Token into play under your opponents control.
Equip {2}
Illus. Norpfang

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On Haruhi Suzumiya:

Why isn't this Haruki?

On Impractical Armor:

It is an amusing rendering of the flavour, yes.

On Impractical Armor:

It also may be too expensive, since Darksteel Plate is all around better and costs {3} and {2}. I'm a bit confused by Darksteel Plate being so cheap, though, since it seems to negate a lot of other defensive pieces of equipment... specifically, it negates Shield of Kaldra. I know the Sword and Helm of Kaldra makes it so that it isn't strictly worse than... but I don't know... it still bugs me.

On Impractical Armor:

Templating aside, this card is hilarious.

On Disemboweled Tiger:

Thanks for the feedback loving this site though I'm doing most of the work on Magic set editor for the next 10 days i have access to it.

On Disemboweled Tiger:

Mmm, I always forget poison counters. It also removes the main alternate win condition of running out of cards in deck.

On Disemboweled Tiger:

Certainly doesn't lend to a never-ending game. Leads to a game where you're bound to win by an alternate condition (such as Infect), and your opponent has no chance to win (assuming your deck has a few Wrath of Gods and your opponent doesn't have artifact destruction). Control decks that also are meant to win on turn 30 with one swing of a Psychatog after an Upheaval (excuse me for the really old combo) will have a blast with this card as well. For the rest of the Magic audience, though, it's too good at what it does. That said, I'm not sure where the best cost for this really is. The closest card I can compare this to is Eternity Vessel, which, at first blush looks a lot like this card and cost... but when you boil it down, Eternity Vessel has a lot of 'ifs' that this card doesn't have. I will say this, though... any player planning on casting Blessed Wind probably doesn't care what their opponent's life total is. Either the cost of this artifact, or the activation probably shouldn't be cheaper than {8}...

Oh, listen, excuse me, I got into rant mode. How are you Norpfang? I notice you've been busy over here. How are you liking the site?

On Disemboweled Tiger:

Um. Kinda cool concept; but leads to a never ending game (unless someone can deal you 20 damage in one shot)

Either ability all on its own is game changing. Both on a single card? Youch. Suggest splitting it in two?

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