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Greyhawk Wars by Camruth

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Colour indicator WB Token Creature – Spirit
Token Creature – Lizard
Legendary Creature – Lizard God
Whenever Semuanya, the Seeker or another non-token Lizard enters the battlefield under your control, create a 1/2 green and blue Lizard creature token.
Tap three Lizards you control: Lizards you control gain Hexproof until end of turn.
{t}, Sacrifice three Lizards you control: Lizards you control gain Indestructible until end of turn.
Sacrifice a Lizard: Return Semuanya to its owner's hand.
Legendary Creature – God
Whenever a creature dies create a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token.
Tap five Spirits you control: Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Create a token that's a copy of it, except its a white and black Spirit.
Sacrifice a Spirit: Return Wee Jas, the Stern Lady to its owner's hand.
Creature – Dwarf Cleric
When Shield of Moradin deals combat damage to a creature tap that creature, it doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

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On Iggwilv, Witch Queen:

I called it a retcon because when the spell called Tasha's Hideous Laughter first came in to D&D, there was no actual Tasha character but Iggwilv did exist. It wasn't until many years (and a few editions) later that it was decided to retcon Iggwilv's backstory to make her have been Tasha in her youth.

On Iggwilv, Witch Queen:

That's not what a retcon is. A retcon would be "she was never called Iggwilv at all"

On Iggwilv, Witch Queen:

Possibly but I chose to go with the original not retconned version. I would errata Tasha to have the Iggwilv type :)

On Iggwilv, Witch Queen:

Tasha is already a planeswalker type. Using her other name for the card is neat, but you should probably use the existing type

On Cloak of the Witch Queen:

Trying out something a little different

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