Monster Hunter Ultimate

Monster Hunter Ultimate by Hooberslappin

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4 token colourless, 1 colourless, 1 token red, 3 white, 5 blue,
2 black, 9 red, 5 green, 18 multicolour, 3 hybrid

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Basic Rock
You really don't want to hit this.
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2021-10-14 07:09:26 by SecretInfiltrator
Legendary Leviathan
When Agnaktor, The Worldswimmer enters the battlefield, deal 1 damage to each non-red permanent on the battlefield.

When Agnaktor attacks, destroy target land of defending player.

{4}{r}{r}, Deal one damage to all creatures you don't control.
Basic Leviathan

Protection from White, Blue, Black, Green, and Colorless

{u}{u}{t}, Draw a card
"If we had a torch we could melt this monstrosity like it was nothing." -Freezing Sentry
Basic Leviathan

{2}{r}{t}, Deal one damage to target creature.

{6}{r}{r}{t}, Deal one damage to all creatures you don't control.
"Clack clack clack.."
Basic Flying Wyvern
First Strike, Reach

Creatures blocking Sand Barioth get -1/0.
"I'm certain there's a monster behind all that sand. Probably."

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On Explosive Rock:

There is actually a special rarity reserved for tokens. It's usually preferable to just use that.

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