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Sorcery – Crime
Bury target senile old M***F**R!
If your opponent controls a Policemen and has more mana in his/her manapool than you, go to jail.
last 2012-10-05 12:36:07 by nEv3r
Planeswalker – Dora
+1: Put a 1/1 star token onto the battlefield.
+0: Search your libary for a Map and put it into your hand.
-5: Destroy target permanent and return all nonland-permanents that dont contain at least one word of the destroyed cards language to their owners hand.
last 2012-09-30 21:21:34 by nEv3r
Artifact – Backpack
Your Maps cost (2) less to cast.
Rucksack – Backpack
Artifact – Map
Sacrifice Map: Creatures you control are unblockable this turn.

If Map is put into your graveyard from the battlefield, shuffle Map into your libary.
Map heißt Karte!
Legendary Land
(t): Add (R/W) to your mana pool.
Sacrifice a Soccer player: Target Skijumper gains flying until end of turn.
Austria as it is.

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On Stab the bastard.:

wor jetzt net grod schwer zum darodn oda?

On Stab the bastard.:

Stress min Exvermieter?

On Dora the Explorer.:

I made this because my 3 year old son likes dora, and besides its not like that other random bullshit on "kids tv". dora makes sence,.. a little.. Im gonna print a BIG proxy for him :D

On Dora the Explorer.:

@Never: des gaub i net Tim ;-) @jmgariepy: we (me & never) are from an almost german speaking country: Austria. officially we speak german, but on the street that's a whole other story :-)

On Dora the Explorer.:

I'm curious, nEv3r. Can I assume that you come from a German speaking country, or do you just like to collect German cards? Actually, that's not the thing I'm curious about. What I wonder is if they show Dora, the Explorer in Germany, does she still teach Spanish on the side? Spanish as a second language makes sense in the Americas, but it seems like an odd choice for Germany.

Oh, hold it, I decided to look it up on Wikipedia. Her second language is English in Germany. Well, I suppose that makes sense. It seems weird... almost like Dora's been this crazy languages expert this whole time, and only faking her Spanish accent...

On Dora the Explorer.:

@ neuro. schau mehr vorschuiprogramm ^^

even if there are only cards of 1 language in play dora at least detroys a permanent. most of my cards are german and english so i think dora could be real fun to play xD

On Dora the Explorer.:

Words like "a" which appear in many languages are liable to nerf that ultimate :) But to be a "Blow up everything" you need only one non-english card in play; which is kinda funny.

On Dora the Explorer.:

Since this card is printed in English, and also creates star tokens in English, I would suggest that those who wish to play Dora begin making presents out of foreign language cards for their friends.

Alternatively, make your deck 100% Russian. You won't be able to read a word of it, but you'll have a lot of pretty Russian cards in play.

On Dora the Explorer.:
On Uncards:

search-by-creator would be fine. once its done just move/delete. i will know whats going on :)

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