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Brand new card game! Take command of your Glyft, send your Creatures into battle, and reinforce them with powerful Sorcery spells.

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Creature Combat Multi-Deck Game

In the far corner of the Cassandra Universe, a small black hole traveled through the settled worlds, ripping apart the planets. Cast off the remains, the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water recombined into the Six Glyfts: Brush, Dark, Dust, Lava, Light, and Mist.

Out of the wreckage, new peoples and creatures arose. Each population developed strong affinity for its own Glyft. Now these peoples and creatures are fighting for control of the planet and ascendancy of their particular Glyft.

In the game, Players deploy their Creatures to do battle with their opponents, hurling spells, capturing magical items and developing a strategy to gain control over the opponents' creatures and win the battle.

The Creatures from each of the six Glyfts are represented on hex-shaped cards called Creature Cards. Players deploy their Creatures to do battle with their opponents, capturing the enemy’s Creatures while protecting one’s own from capture. The player who first captures ten points worth of the opponents’ Creatures wins the game.

You can purchase the game from Gamecrafter on the product website: Glyfts.

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