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Set 2/3: A magic fueled all-out war erupts, threatening to destroy the Earth.

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Instant and sorcery spells that share a name with a card in its controller's graveyard cost {7} more to cast.
When the array line fell, its individual parts were eventually stripped away for other purposes.
last 2017-07-04 13:39:13 by jmgariepy
Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gets +X/+X and gains trample, where X is the number of artifact cards in your graveyard.
Equip – Sacrifice an artifact.
A machine designed to smash things for the sake of smashing things.
Creature – Human Scholar
Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield, that creature's controller sacrifices a creature unless he or she pays 3 life.
"Global disaster is looming. We should make any effort to conserve what resources we can."
last 2017-03-28 17:33:37 by ttt3142
Legendary Land
{t}: Add {c} to your mana pool.
{b}, {t}, Sacrifice two creatures, sacrifice Westminster Abbey: Return target Legendary creature from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.
A resting place for the famed and regal, once.
Firebombing deals 3 damage to target player and each creature he or she controls.
"One man dies, and we call it murder. A million men die, and we call it justified."
-President Bishop

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On Resonance Inhibitor:

I don't know. That {7} made me smile. And it only effects instants and sorceries... and can be foiled by graveyard removal.

It could still be unfair, though. Is it more or less fair that Grafdigger's Cage? Is it trying to solve a potential runaway problem in your set, in the way that the Cage was trying to preemptively answer Zombie and Flashback decks before they became dominant?

On Resonance Inhibitor:

Nice. Both its breakable symmetry (use permanents) and that eventually you can pay through it. I might suggest decreasing that 7 a bit, to make that hope a bit more plausible though.

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

Long live Athreos, I guess.

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

Worded as it is, it's going to cause arguments. "I choose discard a card, no cards, nothing happens" "But you can't do that!" "But it would SAY if I couldn't do that."

i.e. rules may like it, but reality won't. Since it can be fixed, do.

But; uh; don't because that then becomes an absolutely terribly boring lock-down again.

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

@Tahazzar: The rules don't agree with you. The creature's controller has to choose an action they can perform if able i. e. if they have a creature, but no cards, they have to choose the sacrifice option and vice versa.

It is only "unless" wording where on alternative is entirely optional (e. g. with your wording they could sacrifice the creature in response to the trigger and even if it was their only creature they wouldn't need to discard a card unless they chose to).

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

Oh, and this probably should say "sacrifices a creature unless he or she discards a card". Otherwise this doesn't do anything if the opponent has no cards in hand (except for the creature he or she casts), which IMO might be too weak (it does cost {3}{b}{b} after all).

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

It's strong but nothing overwhelming in terms of power level. IMO the real concern is that it can create a very unfun scenario.

The added discard clause is a fine fix.

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

Added the "discards a card" clause, so an opponent at least has a way to stick creatures onto the board. You're right though that this effect is very strong. It may still be too strong, but I'll leave it like this for now.

On Lifeboat Ethicist:

That's just nasty. A {g} deck is pretty much just screwed if you can drop this while they have no or very few creatures. Closest card I can find is Tainted Aether. Sure, this might be more removable, but with Tainted you can always sac your land at least to get your fattie to stick on the board.

On Icon of Fallen Ideals:

Humm. Like High Market/Animal Boneyard or Gutless Ghoul but better for tokens (and wors for really big creatures, but that will hardly ever matter), and every colour. So it feels too cheap to me.

Maybe price it at {4} as a more modern Life Chisel? While life-gain is usually weak; get enough of it and it is strong :) And 50 life is a win-condition now; so 8 creatures and 8 mana over as many turns as you like...

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