Salvation: Rebellion

Salvation: Rebellion by hahnsolo49

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The humble creatures of this plain fight to survive from this post-apocalyptic place fighting powerful machines and making of thier Avator gods.

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Setting: This plane doesnt have a name known to many but what accords and happens on this poor excuse as a livelihood od life any planeswalker can learn if they know where to look. The races of the plane lived in peace together adanceing their tech to the point they can bring back the day without the use of dark or unholy magic. Until the day the machine Avatars were born. It has been over 10,000 years and ever since the plane has seen every diaster and war in every way possible and then some. Only ones that remains are the scattered races with thier many splited fractions and the machines created and runned by the Avatars at this point. The Avatars at first were AI made to help run equiptement and other machines easier but... well we know how that went. Please this is hopefully being broadcasted all across the whole universe please we need help we are at "Where the sun and moon meet noon and where the Day and Night become one" This is Connor signing off.

(The broadcast was on repeat but unknown to connor his cry for help across all planes and now hes going to truly be a commander truly known to all)

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On Betty, Hells Knocker (reply):

Please give some feedback, and yes i do know this sounds op but before we all go crazy lets talk about this card before we officatlly consdier its op.

On Connor,Faithful Commander (reply):

Please leave some feedback :)

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Legendary Creature – Hunan Scout Warrior
Haste, First Strike

At the beginning of your upkeep investigate.

Whenever a player investigates that player creates that many clues plus one.

Whenever Liner Tracker destroys a creature investigate.

{u}{g}: Sacrifice any number of clues then create that many treasure tokens plus one.
Legendary Enchantment
All spells cost 2 less to cast.

All spells have Escape with the escape cost being the converted mana cost plus exile 7 cards.

Whenever a player casts a card from their graveyard that create a illusion creature token with base power and toughness 1/1 and with flying and Skulk.
Even the worse of resources are needed every once in a while
Legendary Creature – Human Soldier
Deathtouch Lifelink Flying

Whenever a player casts an artifact spell create an artifact equipment token with "Equipped creature has +X/+X where X is the number of artifacts on the field. Equip 3"

Whenever an artifact is destroyed you may pay 2 and if you do create a treasure token with "Tap, sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool"
"May the world be forever protected in my armor"
Legendary Sorcery
Search your library and your graveyard and put on the battlefield all creatures, auras, vehicles, and equipment and equip the auras and equipment onto whichever creature or creatures that you control. All creatures you control gain double strike and haste until the end of turn. At the beginning of your end step, you lose the game.
Artifact Creature – Wall
Defender Reach
When this card enters the battle field a draw then if that card was an artifact this card gets +0/+5 until enter of turn.

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On Eyes the Doubles.:

Thank you man I and thank you for correcting my spelling mistake.

On Eyes the Doubles.:

I like "Sulk" as a keyword. "Yup, it's in play and... pouting."

(I assume this is actually intended as skulk, which is much more boring.)

Still - even with the more boring keyword - this is kinda fantastic. You might get 15 creatures into play! Annnnnd you might get none. (Though it's pretty hard to not get at least the 5 tokens) - and you get a 15 card deep-dig of your library too.

So yeah - nice. Well worthy of being a 7-mana mythic.

On Gear:

Thats the point of this set. Its meant to be op but this set is more so for commander from that standpoint and its these colors that need riturals like this as they are lacking a good bit in mana fixing.

On Gear:

Um. While red does get rituals - they're not this efficient. And the other colours don't get them at all any more. Plus you don't have to use the mana immediately? This is way way too good.

Even if the tokens ETB tapped, it would be too good.

On Betty, Hells Knocker:

Please give some feedback, and yes i do know this sounds op but before we all go crazy lets talk about this card before we officatlly consdier its op.

On Connor,Faithful Commander:

One: I did not mean to have 2 spreate colors on both sides it was all stupposed to be boros colors.

2nd: Now that i think about it yes the keywords are a bit overboard in the percpection true.

On Connor,Faithful Commander:

The text is very small and hard to read because there is so much going on. It's hard to evaluate when my brain turns off at the wall of text. Let me try:

Double strike, vigilance, battle cry

When ~ ETBs, create three 2/3 white Human Soldier tokens with first strike.

Whenever ~ attacks, you may sacrifice two attacking Soldiers. If you do, transform ~ at end of combat.

And the other side:

Double strike, vigilance, battle cry

When this creature transforms into ~, untap all creatures you control. They gain haste and battle cry UEOT. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase.

Okay, that's a bit easier to read. From a design perspective, I think this goes way overboard with the keywords. The tokens and triggered ability on the back don't need keywords. I'd also suggest having only two keywords natively on each side, maybe first strike and vigilance on the front vs first strike and battle cry on the back. That emphasizes the color change better too

The size of the tokens are weird. Soldiers are almost exclusively 1/1s. Creating three 2/3s is probably a 6 mana sorcery on its own. Also damn, I just noticed the size on the back. That's Eldrazi sized. I'd imagine something like 3/3 or 4/4 on the front and 5/5 or 6/6 at most on the back

On Connor,Faithful Commander:

The art on the back-side is cropped wrong.

Why does the reverse have a mana cost?

Six mana is not nothing, but the creatures attack for 21 the next turn all by themselves.

On Connor,Faithful Commander:

Please leave some feedback :)

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