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Here's an idea: "Patriotism - As long as you control a legendary creature, [effect]."

A Crazy Fascination with the Idea that America is Better Ruled Through Anarchy
Destroy target President.

Isn't anarchy philosophically red?

Hmm... in theory it is. Black ins't afraid to get anarchic, however, if you were to tell the history of America, and assumed black was a key player, you'd probably point to big business and special interest groups.

As an aside, Tanis978, if you do start working on this set, I'd be interested to see what you got. But I would suggest switching the name to "United States History" if that's what you're really focusing on. It's a common misstep, I know, but one we should be vigilant against. I don't like to infer that Canadian, Latin American, or the various Native American histories are comparitively ignorable.

Hm, I'm not sure how much of a debate this is worth, but I think you might say a genuine commitment to anarchy (either the concept or the philosophical movement) is red, but a misguided desire to become famous by assassinating someone is black, and I suspect the latter is more common.

FWIW, I think (whether we like it or not) "American" is the accepted adjective for "United States of America", although I agree "American History" may be unfortunately ambiguous.

Sometimes someone comes up with an intriguing idea for a set, but nothing comes out. It's a shame, but what's to be done, eh? Personally, I try to stay away from my own country's history, since 'Americans' like to talk about 'American History' as if it's the only history that matters. I don't want to be one of 'those people'. That being said, though, U.S. history is full of all sorts of exciting and interesting anecdotes... and the ante-bellum period of U.S. History is a treasure trove. Maybe I'll pick up the flag someday. I'm not sure what I'd do with it, but I can't ignore its appeal.

I'm happy to amend cardset options for abandoned sets like this to open them up to the community.

That sounds pretty cool, but I have too many projects for myself right now. I got to finish up a few of these first. I may take you up on that offer, though, when I get Mashup: Alpha hammered, though. Don't know. We should be getting back to that community set at some point. I'd hate to be the solo designer on it for uncommons/rares, but I think I'd rather have a guilty conscience for having done all the work, than have a guilty conscience for having the work never be done.

Yeah, I was thinking about prodding the community set sometime.

a bit too broad . maybe divide each set as an era or decade. revolutionary war is une set. civil war is one set. etc.

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