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# Name Colour Rarity Cost Type P T Card text Comments Recent comment
1 Starship Blue Common 4{2}{u}{u} Artifact – Vehicle 6 6 Crew 6
Only Geniuses may crew Starship
2 Vee Hickles Blue Mythic 4{2}{u}{u} Legendary Planeswalker – Vee 3 +1: Put a loyalty counter on Vee Hickles for each Vehicle you control
0: Until end of turn, whenever a Vehicle creature would deal combat damage to a player, draw a card.
-4: Vehicles you control cannot be blocked this turn.
-10: Each player who doesn't control a Vehicle loses the game.
3 Car Carcass Black Common 2{b}{c} Artifact – Vehicle Zombie 2 2 Crew 2 0
4 Dulldozer Black Rare 4{3}{b} Artifact – Vehicle 3 2 Crew 2
Only sharp creatures may crew Dulldozer (A creature is sharp if it has a greater power than toughness)
{2}{x}{b}{b}, {t}: Destroy X target creatures. Each player who loses a Dull creature this way creates a Rubble token.
5 Troll Roller Black Common 2{1}{b} Artifact – Vehicle 2 2 Crew 2
Only Trolls may crew Troll Roller
6 Vehicular Manslaughter Black Common 4{3}{b} Instant As an additional cost to cast Vehicular Manslaughter, sacrifice a Vehicle.
Destroy target creature.
7 Mannet Uppagen Red Uncommon 3{1}{r}{r} Legendary Creature – Human Pilot 1 3 Mannet Uppagen instantly crews (whenever you would tap him to crew a vehicle, that Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.) 0
8 S-Car Green Uncommon 4{2}{g}{c} Artifact – Vehicle Snail 2 2 Crew 1
{1}, Yell "Go!": S-Car gets +1/+1 until end of turn. Activate this ability only if S-Car is a creature.
{6}, Sacrifice S-Car: Create three Escargot tokens
9 Drunk Driver Multicolour Common 2{b}{r} Creature – Human Drunk Pilot 2 1 Whenever Drunk Driver crews a Vehicle, that Vehicle gets +2/+0 and has "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, flip a coin. If you lose the flip, it deals 2 damage to you." until end of turn. 0
10 Monstah Trucc Multicolour Rare 7{5}{b}{r} Artifact – Vehicle 5 5 Crew 5
Only Monsters can crew Monstah Trucc
{1}{r}{b}: Target Monster gets +2/+2 and gains Swampwalk and Mountainwalk until end of turn.
11 Magic Carpet Multicolour Rare 3{1}{u}{r} Artifact – Vehicle 0 3 Crew 2, Flying, Defender
{1}{u}: Until end of turn, Magic Carpet may attack as though it didn't have defender
{2}{r}: Magic Carpet deals 1 damage to target player
{1}{u}{r}, Sacrifice Magic Carpet: You may cast a spell from your hand for free, activate this ability only if Magic Carpet is a creature that has dealt damage to a player this turn
12 Battleship Artifact Rare 4{4} Artifact – Vehicle 8 2 Crew 4
{1}, {t}: Battleship shocks target creature
{2}, {t}: Battleship deals 4 damage to target Vehicle creature
{4}, {t}: Battleship deals 10 damage to target Vehicle creature with Islandwalk that hasn't done anything this turn.
{6}. {t}: Destroy Battleship, Battleship's controller must look into your eyes, cry, and say "You sunk my battleship!". Only opponents may activate this ability.
13 Bicycle Artifact Uncommon 2{2} Artifact – Vehicle 0 2 Bicycle is Male and Female
Crew 1
Only Children may crew Bicycle
{e}{e}, {t}: Move target creature

Cycling {2}
14 Clogmobile Artifact Uncommon 4{2}{c}{c} Artifact – Vehicle 2 4 Split Second
Clogmobile does not resolve
{c}{c}, Pay 5 life, Eat wet hair: Clogmobile resolves. Only opponents may activate this ability, and only if Clogmobile is on the stack
2 1557661760 on 12 May 2019 by Froggychum
15 Derby Bike Artifact Common 2{2} Artifact – Vehicle 2 1 First Strike
Crew 2
Only Swaglords can crew Derby Bike.
16 Dodge Ram Artifact Uncommon 6{6} Artifact – Vehicle 8 6 Crew 4, Trample, Vigilance
Only Idiots and Fatsos may crew Dodge Ram
17 Ferry Tail Artifact Uncommon 0{0} Artifact – Equipment Vehicle 0 1 Equip Vehicle
Crew 1
Equipped Vehicle gets +0/+0.5 and gains Swimming as long as Ferry Tail is a creature.
18 Grounded Airplane Artifact Uncommon 6{6} Artifact Structure – Vehicle 1 6 Crew 4, Flying
Only Pilots can crew Grounded Airplane.
{1}, Tap an untapped inhabiting Human: You gain $X CAD, where X is the lowest cost of a round trip to Paris that you can legally purchase minus 10. X cannot be lower than zero.
19 Ice Cream Truck Artifact Uncommon 4{4} Artifact – Vehicle 2 4 Crew 4
Only Children may crew Ice Cream Truck.
[Cook IceCream {1}{w}]
20 Mobile Home Artifact Common 2{2} Artifact Structure – Vehicle 5 1 Idiots with Net Worth one or less (a creature net worth is equal to the amount of Canadian dollars on them) Habitat
Crew 1, Only Mobile Home's inhabitants may crew it. They get -1/-1.
Trample, Super Anti-Haste (This creature cannot attack until the second turn after it normally would)
1 1557662465 on 12 May 2019 by Froggychum
21 Noah's Ark Artifact Mythic 11{11} Artifact – Vehicle 1 1 Crew 1, Hexproof, Indestructible
Only Legendary creatures can crew Noah's Ark.
{u}{u}{u}, Tap an untapped God you control: Each player chooses up to two creatures they control of the same race types and different genders. Then, each player sacrifices the rest.
1 1558640432 on 23 May 2019 by wurms
22 Pirate Ship Artifact Rare 4{4} Artifact – Vehicle * * Crew 6
Dockhome, Islandwalk
Pirate Ship's power and tougness are each equal to 4 plus the number of Pirates you control
As long as Pirate Ship is a creature, Pirates you control get +1/+1 and have Swimming.
{1}{u}, {t}, Discard a card: Draw three cards. Activate this ability only once per turn, and only if Pirate Ship is a creature that has dealt combat damage to a player this turn.
23 Santa's Sleigh Artifact Rare 4{4} Legendary Artifact – Vehicle 3 4 Crew 8
Only Elk may crew Santa's Sleigh
Whenever Santa's Sleigh is crewed or deals combat damage to a player, create a gold Gift artifact token for each Child you control.
24 Smugglers QWOPter Artifact Rare 2{2} Artifact – Vehicle 3 3 Flying
Crew 2
Only Internetians may crew Smugglers QWOPter
Whenever Smugglers QWOPter attacks or blocks, you may draw a card. When you do, discard a card.
25 Snuggler's Copter Artifact Rare 2{2} Artifact – Vehicle 3 3 Crew 1, Flying
When you crew Snuggler's Copter, if exactly two creatures of different genders were tapped, repopulate.
Whenever Snuggler's Copter attacks or blocks, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
26 Tricycle Artifact Rare 3{3} Artifact – Vehicle 0 0 Tricycle is Pink and Silly in addition to it's other colors and types.
Crew 1
Only Children with converted mana cost 1 or less can crew Tricycle
{e}, {t}: Move target creature with converted mana cost 3 or less
{e}{e}, {t}, Sacrifice Tricycle: Move target creature with converted mana cost 4 or greater

Cycling {3}
27 Uber Taxi Artifact Uncommon 2{2} Artifact – Vehicle 2 2 Crew 2
Only Idiots may crew Uber Taxi.
Whenever Uber Taxi attacks, you may pay {r/b}. When you do, it deals 2 damage to defending player unless that player pays you $2.00 CAD
28 Unicycle Artifact Common 0{0} Artifact – Vehicle 0 1 Crew 1
Only Clowns may crew Unicycle

Cycling {e}
29 Escargot token Artifact Token 0 Artifact – Delectable {0.25}: Put a Salt counter on Escargot
{2}, {t}, Sacrifice Escargot: You gain 2 life. Then, you gain and an additional 1 life for each Salt counter on Escargot.
30 Gift token Multicolour Token 0 Token Artifact {t}, Sacrifice Gift: Choose one:
– Gain 5 life
– Draw a card
– Untap target permanent
31 Rubble token Hybrid blackred Token 0 Token Artifact – Rubble At the beginning of your upkeep, Rubble deals 1 damage to you. 1 1557660157 on 12 May 2019 by Froggychum
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