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Challenge #001

Group these ten cards in five pairs and create a mash-up card for each pair:

{w} Advance Scout {w} Femeref Knight {u} Daze {u} Scalpelexis {b} Undead Gladiator
{r} Ingot Chewer {r} Pyrokinesis {g} Rolling Spoil {b/r} Delirium {c} Phyrexian War Beast

­ First iteration

{w} Advance Scout + {w} Femeref Knight = {w} Advance Knight
{u} Daze + {u} Scalpelexis = {u} Dazed Scalpelexis
{b} Undead Gladiator + {r} Pyrokinesis = {r} Gladiokinesis
{g} Rolling Spoil + {c} Phyrexian War Beast = {g} Phyrexian Spoiler
{r} Ingot Chewer + {b/r} Delirium = {b/r} Delirium Chewer

­ Second iteration

{b/r} Delirium + {r} Pyrokinesis = {b/r} Delirious Rebellion
{u} Scalpelexis + {b} Undead Gladiator = {u/b} Memneplexis
{w} Advance Scout + {u} Daze = {w/u} Dazing Scout
{g} Rolling Spoil + {w} Femeref Knight = {g/w} Femeref Expansion
{r} Ingot Chewer + {c} Phyrexian War Beast = {r/g} Chewing Warbeast

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