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Storage for random Hearthstone ideas for posterity's sake

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If you would draw a card, instead Discover a copy of one from your deck.
last 2019-06-13 12:09:45 by Froggychum
Battlecry: Discover any golden card from your collection.
Rogue Spell
Each turn this is in your hand, transform it into a random Secret, except it costs (2) and looks like a Rogue Secret.
last 2018-12-16 13:41:51 by SecretInfiltrator
Reflector mage oath of the gatewatch mtg art
Mage Minion
Link all minions damaged by this minion. They gain this ability. Spells and Hero Powers spread across links.
1 comment
2018-11-19 11:39:39 by Vitenka
Paladin Weapon
Has attack equal to its Durability. Whenever a friendly character is healed, gain +1 Durability.
1 comment
2018-11-08 23:18:27 by dude1818

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On Shadow Scryer:

This is cool. My brother is playing hearthstone now (traitor! jk) so I know just a little. Discover seems neat, I was thinking of translating it to MTG... anyway, good job!

On Shadow Scryer:

This also applies to any other action that includes drawing. For example, Cursed Castaway says "Draw a Combo card from your deck," which becomes "Discover a copy of a Combo card from your deck."

On Sleight of Hand:

Ew. I didn't know the class of a secret would be public information - that's making the needed foreknowledge even more troublesome. Good call to circumvent that.

On Sleight of Hand:

Secrets are essentially played faced down and have a hidden triggered ability. The only thing your opponent knows when you cast one is what class it belongs to. This one is able to copy secrets of other classes, but even when it's in play it looks like it's just a regular rogue secret until it triggers

On Sleight of Hand:

I'm not familiar enough with Secrets to intuitively understand what "looks like" means here.

On Re'as, Mana Dazzler:

Huh. So your bad effects go on to all the creatures this hits; and all your good effects spread to all the creatures they hit back at. They do get the tension of trying to being able to target this, but at the cost of more of their creatures falling under its spell. Reversals are possible, and likely very funny - but presumably you'd be built to take advantage of this being around.

That's really nifty. And only really plausible with a computer keeping track. Shame.

On Sanctified Blade:

These two lines of text should probably be on different cards

On Frightened Adventurer:

I needed a place to store my custom Hearthstone ideas. I have a discord I post them in, but I like having permanent storage

I agree on the accessibility issue. There are a ton of legendary minions whose ability boils down to "do a cool thing," where the cool thing is an effect from their secret pile of effects. But I have no idea what any of the options until I've seen them played a bunch of times. (E.g. Marin, Rafaam, ETC, Gelbin, Whizbang)

On Frightened Adventurer:

Pretty good example, yeah. I mean - ok - the "fantastic treasure" pile is a known small pile that you can learn. But seeing this come up in a list of cards, is it any good? Who knows?

Deathrattle as a keyword for "When ~ dies" is atculaly pretty good though. And the first line is pretty clear, even if not the same templating as mtg uses.

I am wondering what the purpose of this set in multiverse is; just trasncribing hearthstone cards? Something else?

On Frightened Adventurer:

It's this kind of wording that makes Hearthstone so inaccessible.

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