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A non-MTG project; mechanics heavily influenced by Netrunner, but it probably plays worse. Also, I’m making up rules as I go. Like all random projects I start this will probably get deleted once I get bored of it.

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Employee – Engineer
When Project Architect is deployed, choose a project from the project deck and deploy it on this site.
{c}, {t}: Put a development counter on a project on this site.
{t}: Remove a damage counter from a project on this site.
Attack – Malware
Strength 1
Purge Threshold 2
At the start of each of your turns, put a damage counter on a resource installed in this site.
Attack – Physical
Strength 5
Choose one:
-Choose a resource and remove 3 development counters from it. Then, if it has no development counters, trash it.
-Trash two face-up assets that are assigned to the same site.
Strength -1
Choose an opposing site. You may deploy up to two Malware attacks on that site, reducing the deploy cost of each by {2}.
Employee – Security
When Incident Response Team is deployed, prevent an attack on this site.
{t}: Remove 1 damage counter from an asset on this site.

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