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Tech Wars by ttt3142

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A non-MTG project; mechanics heavily influenced by Netrunner. Like all random projects I start this will probably get deleted once I get bored of it.

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Infrastructure – Network
Link +1 Global; Moving resources into a site costs X less capital for each Link on that site.
Ignore all non-capital costs of moving resources.
Strength 3
Put 4 damage counters on a resource your opponent controls, then remove Stiletto from the game.
Infrastructure – Network Security
Strength +4 (Virtual)
Damage Threshold 2
Strength 1
Increase the Strength of Break and Enter by X.
Gain access to a site for the remainder of the turn.
Attack – Social
Discard any number of cards from your hand. Decrease the Security of a chosen site by 1 for each card discarded this way.
“Ugh, another one of those security training courses..”

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