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(Source inspired by the discussion in Blood & Fire.)

These designs are first drafts. They are designed half top-down, half bottom-up. Each of these legendary creatures is supposed to represent one of the rising heroes protagonists of the reborn clans during their struggle against the Dragonlords. Each clan will receive a second legendary creature showing another aspect of th clan, but these five are supposed to show a strong rejection of the values of the Broods - so strong in fact that they no longer feature the former main color of the Clans/Broods.

The idea is about re-inventing the clan with a new focus on the lone enemy color without severing the bond to the not present third color of the clan; after the initial rejection the clans will return to wedge status - though with a new outlook.

Being two-colored these clan legendaries also are able to fit well with other clans - important since the war Dragonlords versus Clans wil force the people to cooperate.

All Clans shift their new central color to the color that is not present in the corresponding Dragon Brood (signifying their rejection of the Brood).

Created on 11 Dec 2017 by SecretInfiltrator