Otaria Forever (Import Test)

Otaria Forever (Import Test) by keflexxx

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On Otaria Forever (Import Test):

So I've figured out an easy way to manage image imports.

  • Create a Photobucket account, go into Settings and deselect the option for scrambling upload URLs
  • Create folder and upload images
  • Take one image URL, open an Excel worksheet, paste a list of cardnames in col A, paste URL in B1. turn URL into an excel formula that returns the first part of the string and then replaces the filename with a cell reference. find & replace col A to turn spaces into %20s. put a formula in C1 =A1"&"&B1, fill down, then paste col C into a text file.
  • Upload text file with name&image formatting code

doing this means avoiding manual image assignment and means you can use multiverse more like a versioning system rather than a live diary

On Otaria Forever (Import Test):

I've been doing my work in MSE now, but I'd like to keep a cloud repository of cards. Tossing up between here and PlaneSculptors, but until that website is up and running again I'm going to try doing it here. I'm using Doombringer's export template, found here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14755602/Hosted%20Files/CMC%20Visual%20Spoiler/DMSdraftapp/magic-multiverse-updated.zip

Still to do: figure out an easy way to import render URLs

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