High Fantasy/DD

High Fantasy/DD by KeresAcheron

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D&D/High Fantasy Themed with Emphasis on flavour.

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Creature – Kithkin Rogue
Halfling Burglar can't be blocked.
Creature – Goblin Bard
Provoke (Whenever this creature attacks, you may have target creature defending player controls untap and block it if able.)
Sorcery – Arcane
Each opponent sacrifices a creature.
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2019-05-12 04:50:47 by KeresAcheron
Sorcery – Arcane
Look at the top 13 cards of your library. Put one into your hand and exile the rest face down.
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2019-05-12 04:30:52 by KeresAcheron
Creature – Shade Spirit
{b}: Dungeon Shade gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
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2019-05-12 04:14:38 by KeresAcheron

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On (Evil Overlord Name)'s Edict:

Common Liliana's Triumph, a sorcery as treating Diabolic Edict is the baseline for commons.

On Adhiya's Darkpact:

A Diabolic Tutor variant mixed with Demonic Consultation. It finds a card without shuffling, doesn't risk exiling your deck, and the number thirteen

On Dungeon Shade (*):

­Dungeon Shade reprint, as flavourfully makes sense in a D&D world.

On Lurking Quickling:

A Quickling. Has first strike, flash and haste to convey speed.

On Eternal Imprisonment:

Yeah, the nonland permanent change was just a balancing suggestion that would require other changes as well.

Restricting or gaining some bonus if the exiled is {r/b} wouldn't help with the ancient part I referred to earlier. That was what I was trying to go for with the high CMC.

The name is quite long. Would it be acceptable if it were just called "Seal Away" or "Contain Evil" or something like that? "Holy Bolt" is a D&D spell name... Maybe start working on a "Imprisonment" D&D card representation and then refer to the idea of sealing ancient evil in its flavor text?


{w} Exile ~ ETBs exile target creature until CONDITION

where CONDITION "its owner has seven or more cards in hand" or "its owner controls seven or more lands"

u know, whatever.

Actually, I think just tucking the card far away into the library would work here as far as flavor goes. Ie. Unexpectedly Absent

On Eternal Imprisonment:

It was supposed to just be a Journey to Nowhere templating update that references the fantasy trope of imprisoning some ancient evil entity in ancient times that inevitably escapes in the present. For resonance.

Changing to exile something large while dropping the Cmc down to one is a good idea since Seal Away is being printing. Although letting it exile any nonland permanent messes up the top-down flavour. Maybe limit it to exile black or red things?

On Eternal Imprisonment:

IMO the card should somehow play on the ancient part of the name.

Maybe it could restricted to exiling creatures with certain CMC and higher? Then mana cost drop to {w}, or include nonland permanents as well or something.

On "Counterspell + Stifle":

Thanks for the quote idea.

On "Counterspell + Stifle":

Blue mage says "No!"

On "Counterspell + Stifle":
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