Duanath by rourke

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38 commons, 1 mythic

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An enchantment set.

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Creature – Fox
Francis Marion counts as a swamp.
[hit and run {b}{b}{b}]
{t}:Return target creature in your graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.
"We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again."
-Nathaneal Greene
last 2011-02-17 15:48:25 by rourke
Target creature you control has +1/+0 and flying until end of turn.
Creatures that are not attacking have +2/+0.
1 comment
2011-08-10 14:02:06 by Alex
When ~ enters the battlefield, search your library for an aura card and put it in to your hand. Shuffle your library.
Enhanced-As long as ~ is enchanted, ~ has +1/+1.
1 comment
2011-08-31 10:39:48 by Alex

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On CR08:

This line of text looks like it'd lend itself well to a cardset mechanic, so that you only need to spell it out in detail once, and then you can update the wording in just one place.

On CB01:

Half of Mourning Thrull, or Vault Skirge without the life option. But still fine.

On CU13:

Coo. Divination with the natural transform done on the mana cost. Ends up as a blue Sign in Blood. I'm sure this will get printed eventually.

On CU10:

Hmm. Vex was a bad card, but I wonder if this is too much better.

On CU08:

­Repulse but with {u} replacing {2}. I'm surprised this hasn't been printed already.

On CU07:

Extremely solid. Phantom Monster eat your heart out. May need to become 3/2; most common blue 3/3 flyers are 5 mana rather than 2UU.

On CU06:

Wow. That's quite efficient for a blue common guy without a drawback.

On CU04:

­Merrow Witsniper, milling a little more but slightly less efficient. Seems fine.

On CU03:

At first my eyebrows raised at this as a common, but then I realised it's Mystical Teachings on a 0/3. Seems reasonable.

(Needs the "reveal it and shuffle" wording adding at some point, but that's just templating.)

On CW16:

This seems... really bad? Worse than Parapet in three ways, worse than Lumithread Field in three ways...

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