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­{w}{b} Sacrifice (Unhallowed Ritual)

­{b}{g} Zombies (Festering Ranks)

­{g}{u} Self-Mill (Arcane Secrets)

­{u}{r} Flashback (Vengeant Mists)

­{r}{w} Tokens (Valiant Guardians)

Gifts of the Wild?

Is the UR commander going to be Jenrik?

I was going to pur Jenrik and Ludevic in {g}{u}, with Dierk and Runo Stromkirk in {u}{r}, Volpaig and somebody yet to be determined in {w}{b}, Enslow and a new Gitrog in {b}{g}, and Rem Karolus and Grete in {r}{w}.

Ah, okay.

Decklist for Festering Ranks (to be updated):

1 Enslow, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia

Creature []

1 The Gitrog Unearthed

1 Ghoulcaller

1 Polluted Dead

1 Rancid Rats

1 Crow of Dark Tidings

1 Wakedancer

Sorcery []

1 Shamble Back

1 Bone Splinters

35 Nonland Reprints

22 Nonland New Cards

35 Reprinted Lands

5 New Lands

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