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Regarding glory: Was there a reason to change this from "blocks or becomes blocked" (original suggestion) to "deals damage to a creature"?

I ask because 1-toughness creatures with glory now will have a harder time surviving long enough to get their counter. If its to defensively strong just make it only "becomes blocked".

Another weird thing is the random addition of "you may". The counters are supposed to double as markers for when a creature has become glorious and are all upside, so why make them optional?

The "deals damage" change was meant to increase the value of fight and/or "Fall of the Hammer" type effects. It also more closely mirrors Renown. We can definitely keep the option in mind and change it to a preemptive "becomes blocked" version. If we're committed to the idea of Glory, I wouldn't mind using a few variations like this in the first playtest to see what plays best.

The "you may" is erroneous, I'll edit that out.

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