Conspiracy 2: Electric Boogaloo

Conspiracy 2: Electric Boogaloo by gamez7

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Conspiracy successor made by /r/custommagic users

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Hidden Agenda
Once per game, you may play a card with the chosen name from your graveyard.
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2015-09-13 04:23:01 by dude1818
Hidden Agenda
The first time you cast a creature with the chosen name, put a token that is a copy of that creature onto the battlefield.
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2015-09-13 04:19:40 by dude1818
Your starting life total is increased by 5.
{t}, Sacrifice Evolving Wilds: Search your library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle your library.

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On Stubborn Defiance:

The "once per game" restriction seems odd to me. Why not effectively grant flashback/slow unearth to cards of the chosen name? That avoids the issue of just casting the same spell over and over again, but still rewards going deep on that spell. To clarify: "You may cast cards with the chosen name from your graveyard. If it's a permanent card, exile it if it would leave the battlefield. Otherwise, exile it as it resolves."

On Cunning Duplicity:

Why just the first time? Is there a specific reason you have for not doing it every time? It's not like there are too many duplicates in a Limited deck anyway.

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