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What if Magic was played by seasons instead of colors?

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Autumn Creature – Plant
Frogs you control get can't be targeted by non-autumn spell or abilities.
Sacrifice Cranberries: Gain 3 life.
last 2019-10-03 21:21:02 by Link
Autumn Creature – Frog
Frog gets +1/+1 as long as you control cranberries.
Autumn Enchantment
Plants get -1/-0.

If you control a plant at the beginning of your endstep create a 0/1 leaf pile token with defender.
Autmn Creature – Insect
Lethargic Damselfly enters the battlefield tapped.
Destroy target plant creature.

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On Cranberries:

I just saw an "Out of the Loop" post on Reddit about this. I still don't get it.

On Cranberries:
On Seasons:

Actually Green is Spring.

Also check out the Paladins cycle for the matching colors and cardinal directions from the colors that they hose: ­Northern Paladin, Eastern Paladin, Southern Paladin, Western Paladin

On Snowman:

Aren't there other creatures that you can be forced to sac for whatever reason though, like Gorilla Pack?

On Snowman:

Stick an Assault Suit on this bad boy and the game is a draw as soon as the sac trigger happens.

On Seasons:

Because I have no idea how to (or probably wouldn't have the time if I did know how) to make custom frames I'll be using pre-existing colors, assigned by the Chinese constellations that inspired them.

Red- Summer White- Autumn Black- Winter Blue- Spring.

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