Jyhelm Flourishing

Jyhelm Flourishing by Sorrow

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Follow-up to Foundations- Civilization has formed and is flourishing, but as each group grows tension rises.

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It's odd that I'm writing this after Foundations, but oh well. I'd like to explain the story that occurs in this set since the third set (currently unnamed and with only three cards designed for) shifts the story greatly from this and Foundations. Trachol orders three of his generals to march troops to Onal. Onal is the greatest trading city of the Alomi nomads. Avens and viashino will often fly there for equipment and it's not uncommon for nantuko to go there for spices and curios. Cutting off funds to the Alomi is not Trachol's concern but instead he seeks out the Baliman, the Walking Library, the greatest collection of knowledge on Jyhelm, for it contains the only records of humans using blue or green mana on Jyhelm. Meanwhile Leiska, Soub-Eeng, and Voltrik (they'll be introduced in the full story and their cards will be in the next set) work on resurrecting the black and white gods that once held balance.

The viashino still loyal to Ornin follow his words and enter the battle on the side of the Alomi. A few nantuko parties have set-up traps for Embark along the way, however they can't seem to get past the cephalids whose wits and power previously helped hold Embark at bay. Recognizing an increased resistance, Trachol takes his mount and heads to Onal himself.

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Creature – Djinn
Whenever you cast a spell deal you may deal 1 damage to target player.
If a player was dealt damage this turn Devil of the Coral Chasm becomes unblockable.
When Devil of the Coral Chasm deals combat damage to a player you may search your library for one creature with a converted mana cost equal to the damage Devil of the Coral Chasm dealt, reveal it, and add it to your hand. Shuffle your library afterward.
Creature – Insect Druid
{1}{b}{t}: Each player returns a creature from his or her graveyard to the top of his or her deck.
{1}{g}: Regenerate Gravekeeper Nantuko.
Tap all non-white creatures.
"I will raise this world! I will save this world! I, Trachol Bausahn, the All-Father of Embark have the energy, the vitality, the dream that is needed for a new era!" -Trachol's address in the 495th year of the Alomi calender.
Destroy target creature. Deal 1 damage to its controller.

Strife (If a creature has been put into a graveyard from the battlefield this turn, you may you destroy target permanent with a converted mana cost equal to the converted mana cost of this spell.)
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2011-03-02 08:37:47 by Alex
During your upkeep you may pay {x}, where X is any increment of 3. During your endstep you may untap one creature you control for every three mana spent during your upkeep.

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On Gesh-Odt's Leaf:

I see. Somehow I misinterpreted it.

On Gesh-Odt's Leaf:

I think the counter is included as part of the cost. It's before the colon. It's just there's a - rather than a comma.

On Gesh-Odt's Leaf:

Why not include the counter as part of the cost?

On Dust Bowl:

You know what would suck? Shuffle your library and have some of the lands end up on top. What if you sacrificed the lands, or exiled them, or even put them on the bottom of your library?

On Dust Bowl:

Does it need to be an X cost? Why not have it at a big static cost and do it to all lands target players control?

As is it's really clunky.

On Invigorated Viashino:

Could probably cost just {r/g}{r/g}, like Gruul Guildmage.

On Baliman, the Walking Library:

I love the creature type; delightful expression of the flavour. I fear a 4/6 is a bit big for a 3-mana wall; 3-mana walls are things like Glacial Wall, Wall of Heat, Grave Bramble, and especially notable Phantasmal Abomination, a 5/5 wall with a drawback. See also Stoic Ephemera.

On Baliman, the Walking Library:

Name reminds me of Walking Archive.

I'm assuming this ability is meant to be templated something like "Whenever ~ blocks a creature, remove all counters from that creature and unattach all Auras and Equipment from it"? That's quite interesting.

On Dust Bowl:

Well, I generally don't need my lands after I cast a 6 point Genesis Wave, so, yeah, this is probably good as is.

On Dust Bowl:

I'm wondering if this is over-costed but {x}{r}{r} seems too cheap.

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