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What's the aim of this cardset, by the way? If this is just a place to put some individual card designs that occur to you, can we move them into Cards With No Home? I'd rather Multiverse doesn't get filled up with one set for each user with only a handful of cards in each one. They have better visibility in the main Cards With No Home set.

I'm meaning to add more cards into it, cards that I have in my MSE editor, but they have stupid names related to other people. I've been trying to modify them to seem fair for this format.

Would it be okay to put them all in Cards With No Home anyway? Unless this is actually intended to be a full 165- or 249-card cardset, with a balanced number of rares/uncommons/commons in each colour, it's not really a cardset, and cards are better placed in the communal set.

Sure, I INTEND to make it a full-sized cardset, it will just take a while for it to get to that size.

Ah, I didn't realise you actually intended for this to become a full cardset. In that case can I get you to give it a proper name, please? Seeing "Cardset name" in the list of recently edited cardsets is kinda confusing. Even a codename like Wizards' "Shake/Rattle/Roll" would be rather better than "Cardset name". It'd also be good if you could put some description of your plans in the cardset description.

Another tool that can be very helpful in working towards creating a full cardset is skeletons. There's an "Add skeleton" link in the top green box of this cardset, which will help you think about how big you want each of the colours and rarities to be, and create a view where you can add card codes to help structure your plans. For some example skeletons, see Clockwork Wings, Desert Frontier, etc.

And I now have no idea how to make a skeleton.

If you want to give cards codes, like giving Blazing Prarie the code RL03 (which I see you tagged as "WR land" in the skeleton), then you'll need to edit the "Cardset options" and tick "Use card codes?" Then the Edit Card form will include a "Card code" field, where you can enter "RL03". Once you've done that, that line on the skeleton will include the name and link to Blazing Prarie. You can also click one of the bracketed links on the skeleton (like "(UL01)") to create a card straight into that empty card slot.

To read more general background to cardset skeletons, I'd recommend Mark Rosewater's articles Design Skeletons and Filling In The Design Skeleton.

Oh, and welcome to cardset design :D It's a curious set of extra constraints on top of just designing a bunch of individual made-up cards, but it's very rewarding too. One of the trickiest challenges is designing commons that feel properly common. It takes some practice; I can see now looking back that many of the commons in my first couple of sets are far too wordy for common. But that's okay. You've got a good community here on Multiverse to help out and to give suggestions :)

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