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(Quotes on this page are not restricted to flavor text of active cards/cards in the skeleton. The idea is to have the quotes as a reference for later use in the set even if the card eventually gets culled from the set.)

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Assorted Notes
Important Characters
Assorted Quotes


Assorted Notes

Rhox are employed both as heavy-duty workers and elite guards.

See Lumberjack Legion & Cavalier of Arches.

As common punishment for disobedience or heresy perpetrators and profane objects are interred in the very walls of the towers that supply the Temple.

See Concrete Incursion.

Common workers are Ogres, Goblins and Humans conscripted from all over the plane and relocated to the grand landscape around the Temple of Travelers. Feudal lords supply labor from their vassals to stave off incursions against their lands.

See Spire Mason, Corvee Mining & Conscription.

Goblins naturally take to constructions of advanced tools, rejoicing in the labor around the tower. But as often as their contraptions benefit the work they put the buildings in jeopardy, usually burying themselves and other workers under piles of rubble.

See Tower Tinkerer.

The Temple of Travelers is under constant construction and needs all kinds of supply gathered at local towers that form a network of supply lines.

See Chimney of Lachiam, Colonnade of Shields & Badland Belfry.

Lachiam is a province close to the tower polluted by the industry around the local towers. Local despots accumulate and hide their wealth often falling to plots against one another, but always feigning deference to the power that casts a vast shadow over their lands.

See Chimney of Lachiam.

Workers at the Temple are cheap resources and their lives only as valuable as their labor. Dangerous thoughts are excised by loyal specialists.

See Tower Trepanning.


Important Characters

­Qishqadaq, Keeper of Runes - A minion of the Travelers.


Assorted Quotes

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