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[Tribute] Raythar by SecretInfiltrator

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The Temple of the Travelers towers over Raythar, both physically and metaphorically.

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MTGNexus - Collaborative Create-A-Booster #3

The Temple of the Travelers towers over Raythar, both physically and metaphorically. The inhabitants of this plane lead a hard existence, laboring ceaselessly to produce the crops, ore, and thauma that the Travelers demand. A young woman, claiming to know the secrets of the Travelers, wants to end their tyrannical rule by breaking into the Temple and sealing it off, but what are her secrets?

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Basic Land – Forest
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2020-12-01 14:52:46 by SecretInfiltrator
Basic Land – Mountain
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2020-12-01 14:52:32 by SecretInfiltrator
Basic Land – Swamp
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2020-12-01 14:52:12 by SecretInfiltrator
Basic Land – Island
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2020-12-01 14:52:00 by SecretInfiltrator
Basic Land – Plains
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2020-12-01 14:51:49 by SecretInfiltrator

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On Mountain:
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On Plains:
On Leyline Archmage:

Beginning a cycle with enormous development/play design concerns. Input on this is appreciated.


  • "~ can't attack or block unless you control five or more lands."
  • "~ can't attack or block unless you control five or more basic lands."
  • "~ can't attack or block unless you control a Tower with height 5 or greater."

I assume it should be the same across the cycle.

This is one of those ideas that doesn't need to be specifically in this set, but creatively I assume leylines are a good place to build Tower/temples and I want to try something new with the Leyline/Chancellor concept.

On Roaring Fume-Jaw:

So in my mind certain regions of Raythar are just naturally more primal e. g. mountainsides covered in vents that lead to a fiery underworld from which elemental creatures and wurms occasionally escape to terrorize the populace.

For all its folds the Traveller's following provides protection against these.

This particular specimen is a magmatic stocky dinosaur that menaces with spikes, but most prominently breathes out billowing plumes of smoke that are prone to disorient and sicken.

On Scaffold Runner:

Goblin Workers are somewhat enthusiastic and filled with fervor.

On Ruination Wurm:

REPRINT: Ruination Wurm

Reprints are fun.

On Fostering Rootkin:

Continuing cycle.

Elementals turning certain forests into safeholds against the stripping of resources of the plane and protecting refugees.

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