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Spare seems like a really cool mechanic. Being in shadow is also interesting... but a little odd to grok flavor-wise IMO.

@DrugsForRobots flavor-wise, I'm trying to make something that is easier to achieve the smaller the creature is. Like, it would be easier for a 1/1 Rat to hide in your shadow than a 10/10 Eldrazi.

The evolution from in the shadow to under cover is interesting. I personally am not a fan of comparing global variables with your opponent (e. g. "if you have more/less cards in your hand than your opponent" or "if an opponent controls a Forest" (RIP landwalk)),but under cover is skirting along the edge of this and might be okay.

You still should have an eye on how easy it is for an opponent to disrupt the mechanic in playtesting - the bane of threshold mechanics that depent on the oppoenent's game state.

I made an earlier comment on one of the cards with spare mentioning that the game plan of a deck using spare seems dubious. I'm still not certain on how to make the mechanic as attractive needs to be to be called worthwhile, but I have a suggestion that might help.

What do you think on just going from "When ~ spares a creature" triggers to "Whenever a creature you control spares a creature" triggers on all cards?

This way it seems more obvious how the effect might become worthwhile once you bring multiple merciful murderers together.

@SecretInfiltrator will do :) 1 - I have thought about changing under cover to your creatures as opposed to opponent's creatures, I suppose playtesting will reveal more. 2 - great idea, I will have some spare abilities trigger from creatures you control and some from just itself.

The set gets a name! And it's a nice one. I think it fits the themes and inspirations.

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