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1 token hybrid greenblue, 391 white, 433 blue, 312 black, 465 red, 349 green, 565 multicolour, 141 hybrid, 38 split, 239 artifact, 182 land, 17 scheme, 11 plane

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New design challenges will be posted every week or so. Come and stretch your design muscles!

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Randomly choose a colour, converted mana cost, rarity, type, and archetype and design a card that fits.
Wizards said the cycle of Inscriptions is incomplete because they couldn't find a good design for the red or white ones. Let's prove them wrong.
Create a card that could be promoted as Christmas-themed, but could also be printed in a normal black-border set.

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On Challenge # 084 (reply):

A note for those who've not spotted it: design challenges are a great time to use the "New card related to this one" link in the top bar, which will automatically post a link to this challenge in your new card's comments.

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last 2011-08-06 19:16:58 by dude1818
Legendary Artifact Creature – Myr
Myr Overlord's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Myr you control.
Tap five untapped Myr you control: Search your library for a Myr creature card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle.
last 2012-01-23 22:10:20 by Seabutcher
Resonate — When you cast Accelerated Growth, copy it for each card named Accelerated Growth or Nature's Strength in all graveyards.
Search your library for a basic land card and put that card onto the battlefield tapped. Then shuffle.
"It is the cycle of life. Yavimaya has simply accelerated it." – Multani
1 comment
2012-07-05 22:22:51 by dude1818
If a player would draw a card, instead that player searches their library for a card, then their opponent names a card. That player reveals that card. If that card is the named card, exile it and its owner loses life equal to its mana value. Otherwise, put it into its owner's hand. Then that player shuffles.
last 2012-06-15 10:31:14 by Vitenka
Creature – Dinosaur Bird
{t}: Add one mana of any color. Activate only if a land hasn't entered the battlefield this turn.
Is it a true bird? Or just a feathered lizard? The world may never know.
last 2012-04-25 06:58:42 by jmgariepy

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On Challenge # 169:

"...Challenge # 063. 8 years ago..."


Well I just felt really old, really fast.


On Challenge # 169:

Yeah, this is almost the opposite of Challenge # 063. 8 years ago, which I don't really like to think about :) I figure it's fine to go round again.

The new ugraded site seems to make "all challenges" load without big problems again, which is useful!

On Challenge # 169:

Made Gift-Laden Sleigh. I'm pretty sure we've done a Christmas challenge before. But it's a good challenge anyways. And I don't think there was as much stress to make sure it could be a black-bordered card, so there's a bit of a difference.

On Gift-Laden Sleigh:

For Challenge # 169. Originally I was trying to remake the bells in Carol of the Bells, that you could tap and untap by paying {2} to do something. But I was having a problem figuring out exactly what they did. Eventually, I stumbled upon gift tokens. And since it was complicated enough, I decided to pare back, cut the bells shtick, and make it a sleight that was dumping presents on its reckless ride.

On Challenge # 169:

Create a card that evokes one or more Christmas concepts, e.g. snow, gifts, fir/holly/mistletoe, family meals, sleighs, candle-lit windows, etc, etc, but without directly referencing Christmas in the name in a way that would prevent it being printed as a regular black-bordered card.

E.g. imagine a Christmas theme deck with different art and flavour text, but of regular black-bordered cards. But design a card that could be used in that collection that doe.

Any rarity! Multiple submission are good, or prompts for concepts for other people to complete.

Also check out Challenge # 168 which came just before the forced site upgrade.

On Challenge # 168:

And Inscription of Ingenuity, a red card with some trickster-y ideas

On Inscription of Ingenuity:

Oh, maybe there's something in an inscription of trickery with "become 3/1" "switch p/t" and "2 damage". Or forced attack/block/no block.

Then sometimes the right move is to combine them all into "destroy target creature" but it's actually more interesting if you can make them all effective separately :)

On Inscription of Ingenuity:

See Challenge # 168.

OK, another go at this. This started off as a massive three way combat trick, but it was too focussed, it was a blowout blocking and mostly always wanted to be played the same way.

So I diversified a bit more. The first two abilities go ok together just because you might want them both in the same combat, but don't force you to pile them into a single self-combo.

The third ability stands alone a bit but is always ok to have. And red really DOESN'T have that many spell effects.

I think these cards feel best when they feel like a toolbox, when you feel good for using the parts together but there's not a single "fuse" that's always the correct combo.

I could have synergised a bit more, I tried to tie the damage to the card or the creature's power, but it all felt fiddly so I left it as is.

On Inscription of Devotion:

Yeah. That is still a little bit similar to the green one, but it definitely feels like a white multimodal spell :)

The last option definitely feels ok in white, though maybe it deserves its own card :)

On Challenge # 168:

I created Inscription of Devotion as a white one.

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