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Day and Night struggle to engulf the world.

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On Dienoct (reply):

Today I found myself unable to concentrate in class, and for some reason my mind drifted and I began thinking about this set. I think I might, at some point, rebuild it from the ground up, and the main problem I have to solve is how to represent the Day/Night divide in a way that matters. I know for a fact that I want Day and Night mana, even though I recognize that this makes the set parasitic. To that I say "oh well," because it has to happen sometimes.
In this iteration of the set, I have creatures with the supertypes Day, Night, and Dusk. That's one way of representing Day and Night, but to me it feels awkward.
Another way is to have Day and Night only be colors-- I've settled on Orange and Violet-- but previously, I thought that meant that either the cards had to all be multicolor, as in Alara Reborn, in order to indicate that everything was either Day or Night; that, or everything had to be hybrid, which makes costing things awkward and basically would mean that everything would be colorless.
What I didn't consider is the third option that I arrived at today, inspired partially by Phyrexian mana, partially by hybrid mana, and partially by how I used to think Snow creatures worked. The concept is this: the creatures would have special mana symbols that indicated that only Day or Night mana could be spent to pay for their costs. However, Day and Night mana wouldn't be their own separate symbols, but rather, they would be fusions with the current mana symbols. This is very hard to talk about without a way to illustrate what I mean, but say, for example, that you have a white Day. Its white mana symbol would be replaced by a Day white mana symbol, {DW}, that consists of a normal white mana symbol within an orange-yellow circle, or with an orange-yellow border, if that helps you picture it. A Night white mana symbol, {WN}, would have a violet crescent moon along one edge, shifting the normal mana symbol off to one side (but not changing the overall shape- picture a circle within a circle, then slide the middle circle over to form a crescent). {DW} could be payed for only with White mana produced by a Day land, and {WN} could be payed for only with White mana produced by a Night land. This would hold true for all of the colors. Day and Night creatures could be further distinguished with the use of an orange or violet pinline rather than the pinline that would normally be used for a card of that color.
At the moment, I really like this idea, but that's probably because I just thought it up. I'm sure there are issues with it. The one that first pops into my head is "What about Dusk creatures, or creatures that want to have {DN} mana?" The second is whether or not this is too complicated.

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Night Creature – Serpent
When Nightmist Serpent attacks, defending player may pay {4}. If he or she doesn't, Nightmist Serpent is unblockable this turn.
Legendary Night Creature – Spirit
Noe Lox the Moonlight gets +1/+1 for each enchantment on the battlefield.
Sacrifice two enchantments: Seal target non-Night creature.
Sacrifice two enchantments: Return target enchantment card from a graveyard to the battlefield under your control.
Legendary Day Creature – Bird Knight
Flying, Vigilance
Whenever Harilor, Vanguard of Honor attacks, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each untapped creature you control.
Whenever another creature you control blocks, Harilor gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
last 2011-03-06 17:20:42 by Link
Seal target creature. (To seal a creature, exiled it sealed to target nonland permanent. When that permanent leaves the battlefield, return the sealed creature to its owner's hand.)
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2011-03-06 16:35:43 by Alex
Day Enchantment
If a card would be exiled, put it on the bottom of its owner's library instead.
last 2011-03-10 19:17:25 by Link

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On Dienoct:

When randomly thinking about this set today, I realized that one of my huge mistakes is making it have a regular multicolor element on top of the Day/Night multicolor. Any future version of this set is going to nix multicolor entirely that's not Day/Night. "Dusk" will be eliminated. I'll probably scrap most of what's here, to be honest, except the idea of {dC} mana, which I still like.

The first major project of revamping this set would be to make a separate color pie for Day and Night. I would divide the existing color pie in two and give Day and Night their own identities mechanically. This means each color's portion of the pie would be divided as evenly as possible between Day and Night.

On Irsgald's Defense:

Actually, the reason I brought up 2DW v. 1D.W. is because it helps out multicolor decks (kind of). If you had a Blue-White Day-Night deck, which 1/4 the lands being Day-White, Day-Blue, Night-White and Night-Blue, and I asked for "One of any, one that must be day and one that must be White", It would be more likely that you could provide that than "two of any, one which must be Day-White". Like I said, though, it's a really convoluted numbers game of when something is more likely, and when it isn't.

On Irsgald's Defense:

Making them colors already allows them to interact in that way. The reason I question putting the supertype on creatures is that it might somewhat remove the sense of them being colors. Red creatures, after all, don't have the typeline "Red Creature- Goblin."
I probably will do supertypes, though, and then have the creatures be orange/ purple colored in addition to that supertype.

On Irsgald's Defense:

It's kind of a tricky problem. I'm not sure if you want the card's casting cost to be {2}{DW} or {1}{D}{w}. I can see benefits and drawbacks to both of them, and I'm not really sure which would be harder to cast. Depends on what you'd like people to have for mana bases in front of them when you are done, I suppose. I do find it relevant that Wizards decided not to put any {s} in the casting cost itslef... but they were dealing with a small set.

I do, however, think you want day/night to be in the supertype line. They're small words: "Legendary Day Creature" isn't that much more space if you remove the word 'day'. But, it will allow you to do stuff like "Destory target day creature", which, I assume, is a given. Why else show a duality, unless that duality is allowed to interact?

On Irsgald's Defense:

These are mostly questions for myself, but feel free to chime in.

On Irsgald's Defense:

Well, most of the cards in the file right now are up for revision, if not deletion, so keep that in mind. Exactly how I will implement Day/Night is the biggest decision I am facing right now. If you recall from my cardset comment, I plan to have a sort of hybrid mana that has to be paid with both colors: Day White mana and Night Red mana. It's almost like I'm giving the mana a type and a color. That said, to some extent the cards in the set right now should be taken as though their colored mana is of the appropriate type and color. This card, for example, costs {2}{DW}.
With this system, I would be perfectly able to print something like Rimebound Dead:
Sunbound Life {DB}
(Day?) Creature- Plant.
{D}: Regenerate ~.
A mono-Day or mono-Nigbt symbol would look (perhaps) like a blank colorless mana wih the appropriate outline.
The "?" After Day means I'm unsure about using the supertype. I know that lands will need a new type, but should other things? Should the land type be a supertype or a subtype like forest or plains, with similar rules affecting mana output? Finally, if there are supertypes, they will definitely be called Day, Night, and (possibly in the second set) Dusk. What I'm not sure of is if I should call the mana itself Day/Night, or Orange/Purple.

On Irsgald's Defense:

three 1/1s sounds about right for 3cc. In fact, I'd argue that three 1/1s at sorcery speed are better than a 3/3 creature. Your opinion may vary.

How are you planning on implementing the whole "Day/Night" thingy? Am I supposed to look at this and say "This is a 'Day' card, and therefore, I must use some Day mana somewhere on it"? If that's you're plan, does it bother you that you wouldn't be able to print cards like Rimebound Dead?

On Irsgald's Defense:

I'm just sort of scanning through this, looking at a few cards. I feel like this is too good of a token maker.

On Dienoct:

Yeah, I'm not sure that's quite right, but it feels like a promising idea, I think it could work well.

On Dienoct:

I do like that this makes Day and Night matter more than my previous implementation. It also makes them matter more than Snow mana did.

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