DD: Auriok vs. Machine Orthodoxy

DD: Auriok vs. Machine Orthodoxy by Samuel

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The Auriok vs the Machine Orthodoxy

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You may cast Rout as though it had flash if you pay {2} more to cast it. (You may cast it any time you could cast an instant.)
Destroy all creatures. They can't be regenerated.
"End this. What I seek is far greater."
—Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
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2017-04-10 09:37:36 by Tahazzar
Creatures you control have double strike and lifelink.
Dozens of spells known only to the Auriok elders were lost, but the next generation, galvanized by war, devised even more potent magic.
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2017-04-10 09:36:13 by Tahazzar
Artifact Creature – Myr
{t}: Add {w} to your mana pool.
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2017-04-10 09:35:43 by Tahazzar
Artifact – Equipment
Indestructible (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy this artifact.)
Equipped creature gets +2/+0.
Equip {2}
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2017-04-10 09:35:28 by Tahazzar
Artifact Creature – Cleric
{wp}, {t}: Tap target creature.
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2017-04-10 09:35:14 by Tahazzar

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