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Set one of the Anydria block, a set with no blue cards.

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On Anydria [Set One] (reply):

Are there any cards you would expect to see in Anydria, or any suggestions that you'd like to make? Feel free to check out Suggestions and add to the commentary.
Anydria is:

  • A bottom-up set, designed around what a set would be like with no blue
  • A "desert" plane, though only in the sense that the deserts on Anydria are fairly prevalent. There are swaths of Anydria which are not deserts, and in fact (prior to set 2) the expansion of the deserts is Anydria's main problem. What do these two main concepts make you think of?

The following are the mechanics currently in Anydria:

  • Sift, a draw-fixing mechanic
  • Persist, a mechanic to represent the hardiness of the desert-dwellers
  • Prepare, a spell mechanic represented, well, preparedness
  • React, because I needed a combat mechanic (not the best reasons, I know)

If you look at Anydria's skeleton, you'll notice that in each color, at every rarity, there are cards slotted to have a "blue feel." This means that they might:

  • Fill a blue "roll" in limited
  • Make sense as a blue hybrid card
  • Give a normally blue ability to a color that doesn't always get that ability (without drastically stretching the color pie!), by doing so in a way that makes sense in that color, as on Chronoflare.
  • Make use of a normally blue creature type in a non-blue color
    Ideally, if all these cards were put into a deck, that deck would feel at least somewhat like a blue deck.

Contrarily, the absence of blue needs to be felt, which I'm doing by making multiple four-card cycles. The uncommon dual land cycle, which includes Darksand Expanse, is an example of this. So is the common cycle of sift lands like Golden Sands, which includes the colorless Anydrian Wastes in place of a blue land. There will be at least two more cycles highlighting this absence: A cycle of common equipment, which has yet to be designed, and a cycle of uncommon creatures, which might be the Needle Sower cycle. There may also be a cycle at rare. That's something I have yet to decide.

Finally, every set needs planeswalkers. Large sets almost always have three. Tamiyo, as the accidental driving force behind Anydria's transformation, is definitely in and is the only blue card in the set. Do you have suggestions for a returning Planeswalker among the other two Planeswalkers? If you do, or if you have any other suggestions, card ideas, setting ideas, or anything else to say, please comment either here, or, preferably, over on Suggestions.

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Draw two cards, then sacrifice a non-enchantment permanent. You lose 1 life.
last 2017-07-10 08:56:58 by Tahazzar
Creature – Giant Nomad
Land – Desert
{t}: Add {c} to your mana pool.
Sift (You may reveal this card and put it on the bottom of your library when you draw it. If you do, put the top card of your library into your hand.)
last 2014-02-26 20:40:25 by Link
Land – Desert
{t}: Add {c} to your mana pool.
{t}: Add {r} or {g} to your mana pool. Activate this ability only if you control more non-Desert lands than Deserts.
Land – Desert
{t}: Add {c} to your mana pool.
{t}: Add {b} or {r} to your mana pool. Activate this ability only if you control more non-Desert lands than Deserts.

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On Perilous Foray:

This design is reeeally awkward with the addition of that nonenchantment clause.

On Perilous Foray:

So it is. :/

On Perilous Foray:

Was too good with Demonic Pact, huh? Also, name's a bit close to Perilous Forays.

On Spirit of Ancient Oaths:

Oops! So it is.

On Spirit of Ancient Oaths:
On Hold the High Ground:

I'm not yet sure how I'll change this, but I will be changing it.

On Hold the High Ground:

Hm, "doesn't remove abilities" is an interesting point. And a fairly subtle one.

On Blossomshift Druid:

Inspired by Alex's comment on Set One Submissions. I chose to keep it at 4 cmc rather than drop it to three because it can be "land destruction." Sort of.
Alex's suggestion was great. I had forgotten that he suggested it earlier over on Suggestions.

On Flamestoking:

Inspired by Alex on Set One Submissions. I decided that it should add {r} less than Seething Song, since Seething Song is banned in Modern and just tacking on Prepare makes it even better.

On Hold the High Ground:

This is a bit good, isn't it? Even though it doesn't remove abilities...
This should probably be uncommon and lose the cantrip.

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