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Ravnica Remixed by Rudyard

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Creature – Merfolk Scout
Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, populate.
Detain target creature an opponent controls.
Overload {3}{u}{u}
Creature – Human Soldier
Battalion – Whenever Transguild Enforcer and at least two other creatures attack, you may detain target creature.

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On Genetic Code:

I wish Multiverse had an upvote button!

On Genetic Code:

the flavor seemed simic, so went there

On Genetic Code:

did consider making this blue, populate seems like something that'd make sense in blue since it's a copy effect. might make the change.

since extort costs {w/b} and not {1}, yeah, i just had to put in on a nonwhite, nonblack card. just had to.

On Genetic Code:

If Extort still requires {w/b} to activate, then it really doesn't matter what color it gets tacked onto, eh?

On Genetic Code:

In the same way that Ætherbridge has extort on a blue card, it seems. Though that could be seen as white and black's common ally supporting them, but Ravnica never cared much about the traditional colour allies/enemies.

On Genetic Code:

cipher on a white card?

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