Luigi's Mansion (NCU)

Luigi's Mansion (NCU) by Adam Willhard

25 cards in Multiverse

1 with no rarity, 8 commons, 6 uncommons,
6 rares, 2 mythics, 2 tokens

2 token colourless, 2 colourless, 1 white, 2 blue, 6 black,
1 red, 1 green, 1 multicolour, 4 hybrid, 5 artifact

3 comments total

This is a Fan Made MTG Set. Its creating all of the Orignal Luigis Mansion Into an entire Set.

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Creature – Ghost
{t}, {b}{b}, activate only once: Add +2/+2 to Chauncey the Spoiled
"He cries loudly and never sleeps through the night, but since he was born a ghost, This seems natural."
Creature – Ghost
"She's stashed her secret savings away to prepare for her long afterlife."
Planeswalker – Ghost
-8 gain an Emblem that says "All creatures you control have lifelink"

-3 Deal 4 Damage to any target

-1 create a Server Ghost Token

+0 Create 2 food Tokens

+3 In addition to the cost of this ability Sacrifice 3 Food Tokens
Basic Creature – Ghost
When Garbage Can Ghost enters the battlefield Create 2 Banana Tokens
"A banana-eating ghost who hurls the leftover peels at enemies."
Creature – Ghost
"A blue ghost who makes painful shock waves by striking the floor."

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