Luigi's Mansion (NCU)

Luigi's Mansion (NCU) by Adam Willhard

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18 rares, 5 mythics, 10 tokens

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10 blue, 9 black, 7 red, 7 green, 2 multicolour, 4 hybrid, 8 artifact, 2 land

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This is a Fan Made MTG Set. Its creating all of the Orignal Luigis Mansion Into an entire Set.

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{3},{t}, Until end of turn, Ghosts your opponents control lose hexproof and shroud and can't have hexproof or shroud.
"Let There Be Light!"
last 2023-08-09 00:32:13 by dude1818
Creature – Ghost
"An orange ghost who likes to throw spinning punches."
Legendary land
Hidden Room enters the battlefield tapped

{t}: add one mana of any color and deal 1 damage to you

{t}, {5}: Create Treasure tokens equal to the number of creatures you control. Sacrifice this land
Creature – Ghost
When Poltergeist enters the battlefield scry 2
"These big-headed know-it-alls have swollen brains (and egos) that afford them telekinetic power. Sadly, their sense of humor seems to be underdeveloped."
Creature – Ghost
"Now that these ghosts have been augmented by the crystals, capturing them is even trickier. It's best to wait until they show themselves to stun them."

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On FlashLight:

I wonder if you could even grant them the skulking/illusion ability at that cost: "When one become the target of a spell or ability, their controller sacrifices it."

On FlashLight:

How does this target a Ghost with shroud? ;)

At that cost, if you change the wording to not use targeting (compare Arcane Lighthouse), this seems like it wouldn't need to sacrifice.

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On FlashLight:
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