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Wild West / American frontier

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Choose one:
- Destroy target enchantment
- Destroy target artifact
- Gain 4 life
As the miners poured in, the Nezaclovans grew increasingly desperate.
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2021-02-17 11:51:31 by Tahazzar
Creature – Rhox Druid
Vigilance, first strike

Sacred ground – Plains you control have "{t}: Put a first strike counter on target creature."
Exile target creature or enchantment.
Creature – Human Soldier
First strike, horsemanship

{t}: Arrest target creature (Tap target creature. When it becomes untapped before its owner's next turn, exile it.)
The skills Liam learned at war quickly came in handy back in Cochise.
Creature – Human
Horsemanship (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with horsemanship.)
I see great things ahead for you, Liam.
1 comment
2021-02-05 10:26:45 by vtbassmatt

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On Nezaclova Charm:

Feels really derpy to me have this and Harsh Reality in the same set. Also this card looks super pushed and seems to be trying to abuse rarity to justify itself - after all, the effect is pretty much common. Like we're talking about a Light of Hope variant here.

On Rhox Regular:

That reminder text sounds a bit inconclusive on whether the card with posse itself needs to attack. On the one hand it says "another attacking creature" on the other hand attacking itself already causes the creature to tap, so why add all that tapping stuff in there?

Reminder text usually doesn't repeat the card name, but goes with a more general phrase e. g. "this creature".

On De-ox:

How much do you hate players actually being able to play with the cards you provide, because a free card that kills a featured tribe of the set is just self-sabotage.

On UB Mechanic Dude:

This one feels a little ham-fisted.

On Sacred Ground Payoff:

Doubles Sacred Ground effect

On Bloody Battle:

It's Massacre Girl in red. Templating may not be right.

On Local Gizmo:

Not sure how to cost this. 2 felt like a good compromise; 3 is definitely too high and 1 might be abusable.

On Liam, the Law:

The legendary lawman from the cycle

On Sheriff of Cochise:

part of the legendary lawman cycle

On Apprentice Deputy:

Part of a white vertical cycle depicting the rise of a legendary lawman

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