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About Set Skeletons

A set skeleton is a tool to help you when structuring your set. It helps you keep the number of different types of card balanced across colours and balanced in line with the colour pie. It's particularly useful in early design when you're wanting to make sure you have the right amounts of creatures and other card types in the different colours.

To read more about skeletons, read Mark Rosewater's article "Design Skeletons".

About Set Skeletons In Multiverse

In Multiverse, set skeletons are a particular type of details page, using tables written in the Markdown Extra table syntax. Multiverse will generate the rows of the table for you. If you let Multiverse generate the whole skeleton, it will give you columns for Code, Slot and Card name. If you add extra columns by editing the title rows, then the Generate tab will create the right number of columns for each new row it generates.

Once you've generated your skeleton, each row will start with a link like "(CW01)". At first, these links will be in parentheses, to indicate that no card yet exists with that code. You can click on links like these to create a card with that code. Once those cards exist, the links will no longer be in parentheses. You can thus easily tell which slots in your skeleton have no card at all corresponding to them, and which have at least some information on a card (even if that card is not ready or not even complete).

Generate codes for:
White cards (also blue,
black, red and green cards)
commons, uncommons, rares and mythics (0 total)
Artifact cards commons, uncommons, rares and mythics (0 total)
Land cards commons, uncommons, rares and mythics (0 total)
For a total of 0 commons, 0 uncommons, 0 rares and 0 mythics (0 cards total).
(Note: This just generates the lines of the skeleton table. You can edit the table before you create any cards.)

Show frames: W U B R G Z A L

Show rarities: C U R M

Code Slot Notes
Creature, small carapacian vigilance/taps to toughness-buff Protective Pawn
Creature, small carapacian first strike + prototype give double strike En Peassant
Creature, medium carapacian prototype gives team unblockable by greater MV Prospitian Cavalry
Creature, small lusus bird flyer + power pump Flying Ratbeast
Creature, medium lusus cat lifelink Cavecat Mother
Creature, medium lusus snail with high TOU and defender unless alone Slugmom
Creature, small human, add artifact in top 4 to hand on ETB Frog Temple Researcher
Creature, medium angel flyer high toughness Hope's Messenger
Creature, small human, scry etb + ltb make an artifact drone token Reclusive Researcher
Creature, medium human, upgrade equip on ETB Skaianet Engineer
Instant, flicker creature or artifact Recursive Transportalization Technique
Enchantment, aura, puts +1/+1s on for each nontoken u control etb/ltb Hopebound
Enchantment, exile target nonland permanent each player controls until ltb Stuck in a Home
artifact equip, food token on attack -> lifelink Sporkkind Strife Specibus
artifact equip, TOU buff -> Ward 5 Shieldkind Strife Specibus
Creature, small carapacian, revenge deathrattle on tapped opp creature Ardent Rebel
Creature, large carapacian, artifact destroyer on etb White Rook
Creature, small lusus, lifegain on etb draw on death Sheeporcupine
Creature, medium lusus, tapped troll token generator Mothergrub
Instant, upgrade and move equip Timely Enhancement
Enchantment, when creatures attack u gain 1 life and target creature gains 1 toughness Crockercorp Provisions
artifact equip, POW buff -> first strike -> sword is indestructible Bladekind Strife Specibus
Creature, Guardian, pretty high stats and protects weaker Dad
Creature, large angel, flying and deathtouch, high power Hope's Harbinger
Sorcery, high-costed, one-sided board wipe + you can't attack Hopesplosion
Creature, anthem for carapacians White King
Creature, medium lusus, sac to give creatures hexproof/indestructible Protector of Strays
Sorcery, Revive OR Transform up to one target creature that can transform into a God Ascend
Creature, large angel flyer with high toughness, wraths low toughness each end step Usher of the End
Creature, merges with Jack Noir or exile for a turn to protect cards Becquerel, First Guardian
Creature, small troll flyer taps creature on etb Artful Dodger
Creature, medium merfolk troll with pay life to scry effect Bubble Oracle
Creature, small consort draw etb Axolotl Messenger
Creature, small consort flyer untap land etb Drake Farmer
Creature, large lusus bird flyer Birdbrained Lusus
Creature, medium horror leviathan, forced sac on death Mediocre Middle-Aged One
Artifact equip, ward while untapped -> sacrifice to untap Consort's Cloak
Artifact equip, draw on hit -> tap to draw Bookkind Strife Specibus
Sorcery, draw 3 discard 2 unless 1 equip Punchcard Purchase
Instant, counter pay 1 or certain if you control a God Remonstration!
Instant, psionic draw spell Painful Truth
Instant, psionic bolt Psionic Bolt
Enchant, aura tap creature and take 1 damage each turn Doombound
Creature, medium troll with draw 1 on damage opp, take x damage up to power Renegade Goldblood
Creature, large horror leviathan, negative power anthem for opp Reflection of Nrub'yiglith
Sorcery, tap x creatures u control then freeze x opp creatures then draw x Creation of Complacency
Sorcery, scry 8 draw 1 Vision Eightfold
Artifact, scry before each non-draw-step draw Rose's Crystal Ball
Enchant, opp mills # power on ur creature death Offerings to the Horrorterrors
Creature, horror leviathan lusus that mills opponent when you scry or draw Fluthlu's Fatestealer
Creature, consort adds 1 fraymotif, equip, or potential god from top of deck/GY to hand Multitalented Shopkeep
Enchant, all your creatures can tap dealing damage to self & other target Psychic Storm
Artifact equip, p/t buff -> treasure on hit -> poke creatures 2x3dentkind Strife Specibus
Instant, return any # of creatures u control to hand then make a treasure for each Abscond
John Egbert
Creature, small carapacian sac self to give opp creature -1/-1 Sacrificial Pawn
Creature, small carapacian sac self to return creature that dies this turn tapped unblocked pawn
Creature, medium carapacian prototype for unblockable Crooked Rook
Creature, small flying underling prototype for deathtouch Cockatricial Underling
Creature, small underling prototype for discard on damage Impish Underling
Creature, small cleric of horrorterrors
Creature, medium horrorterror
Creature, small skeleton
Sorcery, raise dead w/ ghosts/dreambubble theming
Sorcery, immediate return w/ prototype/blink synergy
Instant, Kill spell + search Gate or Kid Descend
Enchantment, something in underlings to grow threats
Artifact equip, ping -> discard on damage Needlekind Strife Specibus
Creature, small underling, prototype for destroy blocking creature Gorgonic Underling
Sorcery, kill creature/enchantment and mill everyone for MV Expel Beyond the Furthest Ring
Enchantment, whenever a creature dies controller mills then draws Reach of the Dead & Doomed
Artifact equip, stat buff -> sac creature to draw Knifekind Strife Specibus
Sorcery, sac a creature that's dealt damage then search library for a carapacian and put it onto battlefield Queen Me
Creature, legendary Carapacian, gains abilities of prototyped Black King
Creature, large underling, prototype for return exiled creature to battlefield on damage Lich-like Underling |
Creature, small lusus, scorpion with death burn
Creature, small consort, etb draw/discard
Creature, small consort, look at top 3 draw 1, exile others
Creature, small troll, tap/deal damage to self and to other creature/PW
Creature, small troll, pay mana for +x/0 and trample
Creature, small troll, haste and flying
Creature, large underling, prototype for even better stats Ogresque Underling
Instant, fight effect Strife
Instant, damage any target + second target if you have high power
Instant, power boost
Sorcery, high damage to creature
Enchantment, aura, trample + haste Ragebound
Sorcery, Psionic draw/discard
Artifact, on etb take control of opp creature until eot then can pay ~6 a turn to keep control Tiaratop
Sorcery, wrath effect Red Miles
Creature, small human creates drone artifact token on etb + buffs tokens on death Father of Machines
Creature, small consort etb makes treasure Gecko Gift-giver
Creature, small frog sacrifice to untap a land or buff a creature Paradox Frog
Creature, high power 1 tou and gets toughness with attackers Leprechaun Legion
Creature, troll draw a card whenever you cast a high-MV creature Summoner FLARPer
Creature, large Wurm Hydra Lusus w/ trample and +1 counters for lifegain Lusii Writing
Enchant, mill with each creature etb Void Session Vanishing
Enchant, aura land adds extra mana or taps to gain 1 Lifebound
Artifact Equip, Pow + Reach -> sacrifice bow to kill flier Bowkind Strife Specibus
Artifact, makes a white human token Crystal Chrysanthemum
Sorcery, return card from GY to hand and Shit Mulch
Artifact, tap and Sacrifice permanent, to return card from GY to hand Lotus Time Capsule
WU marker artifact, lets u tap to UPGRADE equips or search top of deck for one Astounding Alchemiter
WB marker carapacian, PROTOTYPE copy creature Switchcolor Spy
WR marker lusus w/flash & haste, etb trolls indestructible Protective Parent
WG marker artifact creature, gains life taps down creatures w/ X total power Crockercorp Cronie
UB marker sorcery, makes you & opp discard, then if ur empty handed draw 2 Choral Cacophany
UR marker troll, spells cost 1 less to cast for each time you take damage/turn Psionic Student
UG marker consort, draw 1 add 1 on etb from hand Courteous Consort
BR marker ogre, ETB deal 2 and PROTOTYPE gain P/T on death Oafish Ogre
BG marker plant, mill on upkeep and phase for opponents' turns Putrid Pumpkin
GR marker sorcery, tutor Lord English 13th from top of deck He is Already Here
Caliborn & Calliope
Creature, BR carapacian small w/ destroy big creature on ETB + merge w/ Bec Jack Noir
GW when your creature ETBs make food, opponent creature dies Investigate, if dies with lots of tokens transform Jane
Trample Hammerkind Strife Specibus
first strike->doublestrike 1/2Bladekind Strife Specibus
Fistkind Strife Specibus
Fncysntakind Strife Specibus
Medium defensive artifact creature w/ flying, ETB look at opponent hand Skaianet Spyship
Small defensive artifact creature scarecrow with reach Garden Guardian
Large aggro artifact creature w/ flying, ETB deal 1 to any target Imperial Drone
Mana Rock, 3 mana taps for 1 + upgrades cost 1 less Overflowing Grist Cache
Artifact creature wall, tap to make opponent reveal their draw Fenestrated Wall
Small artifact creature frog, if it blocks sac & u dont take damage Frog Statue
Crowbar Ends indestructible/hexproof for opponent permanents
Equip, lifelink and ping Lolipop Juju half 1
Equip, deathtouch and merge w/ UA02 Lolipop Juju half 2
Equip, on death return equipped creature to battlefield tapped Ring of Life
Equip, creature has skulk and hexproof Ring of Void
Carapacian Anthem, start of combat creature gets +x/+x King's Scepter
Artifact, tap & sac a creature & discard(?) to put creature with CMC+1 on field Grimoire for Summoning the Zoologically Dubious
Artifact creature ETBs as copy of any creature on board, can sac to revive creature w/ same name Backup Body
Equipped card gains "prototype 4: first 4 times creatures etb/ltb, gain X +1/+1 counters & types" Queen's Ring
When a creature dies, if it can transform into a God, do so + sac Quest Bed Quest Bed
When The Tumor is destroyed, you gain an emblem with "all creatures you control gain +3/+3" The Tumor
WUB Gate add 1 when tapped, 2{t} shuffle into deck to search for corresponding typed land. Blinking Gate
UBR Gate Scorched Gate
BRG Gate Ruin Gate
RGW Gate Solar Gate
GWU Gate Withdrawn Gate
WBG Gate Regal Gate
URW Gate Reflected Gate
BUG Gate Infected Gate
RWB Gate Deadly Gate
GBR Gat Wild Gate
{t} add 1 mana of a legendary creature you control, {t}{4} scry 1 Prospit, moon of Skaia
{t} add 1 mana of a legendary creature you control, {t}{3} pay 4 life draw 1 Derse, moon of Skaia
The Battlefield
Taps for colorless and has prototype for 2 mana types Land of XXX and XXX