Ziveruskex and Strixan

Ziveruskex and Strixan by zzo38

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4 multicolour, 2 hybrid, 9 artifact, 2 land

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Some card set I am working on, mirrored on Magic Multiverse

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This set is developed using TeXnicard. A mirror of this set is imported here, but the primary development of the set will remain in TeXnicard. Also see the notes and rules. You can also download the card database.

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Creature – Goblin
Bands with other white Goblins
{1}, {t}: Flip a coin. If heads, or if any white mana was spent to pay the cost of this ability, prevent the next 1 damage to target damageable this turn. If tails, or if any red mana was spend to pay the cost of this ability, Goblins of Healing deals 1 damage to target damageable. If your mana pool contains both white and red mana as this ability resolves, the amount of damage dealt and/or prevented by this ability is doubled.
Legendary World Land
The world rule and legend rule do not apply.
{t}: Add one mana of any color into your mana pool. This mana can only be spent on the cost of a world spell; if you do, then that spell loses the world supertype.
Cumulative upkeep {1}
{1}, {t}: Choose a number and then reveal the top card of target player's library. If it is a nonland card with converted mana cost equal to the chosen number, add one mana of any color to your mana pool and then you may cast that card. This ability can be used only during your main phase.
Echo {1}
{t}, Sacrifice Noon Mark: Add one mana of any color. This ability cannot be used during combat phase.
{2}, {t}, Sacrifice Noon Mark: Draw a card.
{2}{u}{u}, {t}, Discard a card: Counter target spell.
{1}{w}{w}, {t}, Discard a card: Destroy target enchantment.

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