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About Set Skeletons

A set skeleton is a tool to help you when structuring your set. It helps you keep the number of different types of card balanced across colours and balanced in line with the colour pie. It's particularly useful in early design when you're wanting to make sure you have the right amounts of creatures and other card types in the different colours.

To read more about skeletons, read Mark Rosewater's article "Design Skeletons".

About Set Skeletons In Multiverse

In Multiverse, set skeletons are a particular type of details page, using tables written in the Markdown Extra table syntax. Multiverse will generate the rows of the table for you. If you let Multiverse generate the whole skeleton, it will give you columns for Code, Slot and Card name. If you add extra columns by editing the title rows, then the Generate tab will create the right number of columns for each new row it generates.

Once you've generated your skeleton, each row will start with a link like "(CW01)". At first, these links will be in parentheses, to indicate that no card yet exists with that code. You can click on links like these to create a card with that code. Once those cards exist, the links will no longer be in parentheses. You can thus easily tell which slots in your skeleton have no card at all corresponding to them, and which have at least some information on a card (even if that card is not ready or not even complete).

Generate codes for:
White cards (also blue,
black, red and green cards)
commons, uncommons, rares and mythics (0 total)
Artifact cards commons, uncommons, rares and mythics (0 total)
Land cards commons, uncommons, rares and mythics (0 total)
For a total of 0 commons, 0 uncommons, 0 rares and 0 mythics (0 cards total).
(Note: This just generates the lines of the skeleton table. You can edit the table before you create any cards.)

Show frames: W U B R G Z A L

Show rarities: C U R M

Code Slot Notes Mechanic
Bake into a Pie
Ambush Viper
Bountiful Land
Bristling Boar
Foothill Prairie RW Tapland
Mirky Woodland BG Tapland
Mountain Falls UR Tapland
Ruined Temple WB Tapland
Sequestered Creek GU Tapland
Crystal Lake U Effect Land
Golden Expanse W Effect Land
Molten Bed R Effect Land
Mortuary Mire B Effect Land
Sprouting Undergrowth G Effect Land
Terramorphic Expanse Basic Fetchland
Rampant Jungle G Hideaway Land
Glistening Isles U Hideaway Land
Smouldering Spire R Hideaway Land
Ancient Temple W Hideaway Land
Tar Pit B Hideaway Land
Dragonskull Summit BR Checkland
Drowned Catacomb UB Checkland
Glacial Fortress WU Checkland
Rootbout Crag RG Checkland
Sunpetal Grove GW Checkland
Treasure Island Hideaway Land using Clues, Food, and Treasure