[JOJO] Battle Tendency

[JOJO] Battle Tendency by Froggychum

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spoilers duh

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Legendary Creature – Human Wizard
When Lisa Lisa enters the battlefield, if you control another Legendary creature, search your library for a Legendary creature card and put it into your hand.
Whenever a Ripple spell you control would deal damage to a target, you may have it deal that much damage plus 1 instead.
Legendary Creature – Human Wizard Ally
Whenever you cast a Ripple spell, create a colorless Bubble artifact token with "{2}, Sacrifice all artifacts with the same name as this token: It deals X damage to any target, where X is the number of artifacts sacrifices this way"
Token Artifact
{2}, Sacrifice all artifacts with the same name as Bubble: It deals X damage to any target, where X is the number of artifacts sacrifices this way.
Counter target noncreature spell and return it to it's owners hand.

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On Cap Shot:

Yeah, I mean I could change it to Sendo, but virtually nobody calls it that, so yeah I'm just going to let it be.

Also, it doesn't necessarily 'exist' in the same 'timeline' as real magic sets, so it could just as well be viewed that Ripple is an entirely new word to the game.

On Cap Shot:

I mean, it's your custom set, so probably nobody will ever play it, and it's never going to see print. If your aim was to be realistic in anyway, I would change it. If not, it doesn't matter.

On Cap Shot:

No... maybe I should have gone with the term being Hamon...

It's technically not a problem, because it's a subtype, not a mechanic. And I don't say 'spells with ripple' I say Ripple spells, which wouldn't be how it's done for Ripple the actual mechanic...

I'm kind of lazy so i dont really wanna change 40 cards to say Hamon, which also looks too much like Human :shrug:

On Cap Shot:

Ripple? As in Thrumming Stone?

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