Beyond by Nara88

22 cards in Multiverse

21 with no rarity, 1 rare

16 colourless, 1 white, 1 blue, 1 black,
1 red, 1 green, 1 multicolour

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The plane of orrors and nightmares

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It’s just playing with us, Marsden
When enter do something,
when leaves create two treasure.
Surely it won’t notice if I take—
I have calculated that a dragon in flight, in a single strafing run, can cover an area of—
{t}: give protection to other.
when another creature attack give some ability.
Spread out, you idiots! Spread out!
Legendary Creature – Human Wizard
{t}: draw a card discard a card.
Whenever something do something
Yes, it’s huge and strong and breathes fire. But we’re smart!

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On Ukl, Gruul raider:

This feels wonky color wise when the first cards that pop into my mind are Master Thief and Dack Fayden.

On Ukl, Gruul raider:

Feels not very legendary, maybe uncommon legendary.

Is this set considered a Ravnica expansion?

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