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Looking back at a world of Day and Night.

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Colour indicator G Basic Land – Night Forest
1 comment
2019-06-04 13:31:22 by Link
Basic Land – Day Plains
1 comment
2019-06-04 13:28:06 by Link
{1}{g} / {D{g}}
Creature – Fungus Ooze
Defender, hexproof
last 2019-06-04 13:25:13 by Link
{1}{w} / {L{w}}
Creature – Bird Knight
1 comment
2019-06-03 03:47:52 by Link

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On Night Forest:

See Mystic Mycoplasm.

• The large mana symbol on a Night land has a violet crescent moon on one side.

On Day Plains:

See Harilor's Guard.

• The large mana symbol on a basic Day land has an orange-yellow sunburst around it.

• Would it make more sense to have Day lands and Night lands that produce orange and violet mana? This puts the terminology in line with the rest of the lands.

On Mystic Mycoplasm:

I wouldn't have any idea how to do that, even if it did allow it.

On Mystic Mycoplasm:

Interesting enough idea. I wish this side allowed for overlays in addition to watermarks, then the frame treatment actually would be possible: Mystic Mycoplasm.

On Mystic Mycoplasm:

See Harilor's Guard.

• {DU} represents dark mana, which is produced by Night lands or by abilities and effects that note that they produce it. Dark mana symbols look like the established mana symbol with a violet crescent moon curved around the lower left side.
• Cards with dark mana in their cost (or alternate cost) are violet toward the bottom.

On Harilor's Guard:

• "{LW}" represents light mana, which on the card would be shown as a normal mana symbol with an orange sunburst surrounding it.
• Light mana is produced by lands with the Day subtype, or by other sources that state that they produce it.
• The top of a card with light mana in its cost is yellow-orange.
• The "/" between the two costs represents the option to pay either one. On a card, I picture the top bar widening to accommodate one above the other, with the second cost beneath the first.

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