Evolution on Pethyron

Evolution on Pethyron by Froggychum

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After a planeswalker vacation, Pethyron's evolutionary process has been jumpstarted!

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Artifact – Fossil
Other Fossils you control cost {x} less to cast and their abilities cost {x} less to activate, where X is the number of Fossils you control.
Artifact – Fossil
Creatures you control gain "{t}, Tap an untapped Fossil you control: Put a +1/+1 counter on this creature"
Artifact – Fossil
When Cracked Printrock enters the battlefield, untap all other Fossils you control.
Artifact – Fossil
{t}: Add one mana of any color.
Whenever you spend mana that Ancient Helix produced to cast creature spells, you may draw a card.
Artifact – Fossil
Uncarved Relic enters the battlefield with four Mineral counters on it.
{2}: Remove a Mineral counter from Uncarved Relic
{t}: Add X colorless mana. Where X is 5 minus the number of Mineral counters on Uncarved Relic.

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On Evolution on Pethyron:

When you realize this is your third set which uses Evolution as the major theme...

It feels very very bad

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