Evolution on Pethyron

Evolution on Pethyron by Froggychum

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After a planeswalker vacation, Pethyron's evolutionary process has been jumpstarted!

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Target player mills four cards. For each Fossil milled this way, draw a card.
Exile Hide Findings.
Mill two cards. If an artifact card is milled this way, you may put it into your hand.
Legendary Creature – Human Cleric Barbarian
White creatures you control have Lifelink. Red creatures you control have Double Strike.
Whenever a white or red creature enters the battlefield under your control, Rica & Rico Ayana deals 3 damage to up to one target.
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Artifact – Fossil
Other Fossils you control cost {x} less to cast and their abilities cost {x} less to activate, where X is the number of Fossils you control.
Artifact – Fossil
Creatures you control gain "{t}, Tap an untapped Fossil you control: Put a +1/+1 counter on this creature"

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On Rica & Rico Ayana:

Oh, whoops. Got to admit, that completely flew over my head. SecretInfiltrator is right, I just didn't realize what he was referring to.

On Rica & Rico Ayana:

Does lifelink effect noncombat damage?


On Rica & Rico Ayana:

Does lifelink effect noncombat damage?

If so, ill remove the extra life.

Ill square the stats because this set has no low power theme.

On Rica & Rico Ayana:

I think this is supposed to have super lifelink, and super double-strike. Seems fine to me. Though I would suggest having the damage and life match the power.

On Rica & Rico Ayana:

Does this really need the "and you gain 3 life"? After all Rica & Rico Ayana has already lifelink.

On Evolution on Pethyron:

When you realize this is your third set which uses Evolution as the major theme...

It feels very very bad

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