[FANDOM] DeltaRune

[FANDOM] DeltaRune by Froggychum

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1 with no rarity, 32 commons, 36 uncommons,
24 rares, 11 mythics, 10 tokens

1 token hybrid whiteblack, 1 token hybrid redgreen, 1 colourless, 7 token artifact, 1 token multicolour, 11 white, 5 blue,
5 black, 5 red, 12 green, 19 multicolour, 5 hybrid, 38 artifact, 3 land

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im cancer

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spoilers duh

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Legendary Artifact – Equipment
Equip {1}
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has "{-2}{t}: Shock any target"
Legendary Creature – Monster Darkener Devil Clown
Every second, roll a one-hundred-sided-die and the result is the number of things you do a random action to, then jumble everything's position.
When Jevil dies, you may play a card from your hand or graveyard named Devilsknife or Jevilstail
Legendary Artifact – Equipment
Equip Evil {0}
Equipped Evil gets +5/+0 and it's abilities cost {5} less to activate
Artifact – Equipment
Equip {2}
Equipped creature is red and black and gets +2/+0
Artifact – Equipment
Equip Human {1}
Equipped Human gets +4/+0 and is the target of all money placements

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