[FEATURE] Pet Cards

[FEATURE] Pet Cards by Froggychum

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6 mythics, 2 tokens

1 token black, 1 token artifact, 1 blue,
1 green, 3 multicolour, 1 hybrid

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Custom MTG cards for my IRL pets

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Legendary Creature – Hound Idiot Angel
{2}, {t}: Destroy target artifact
{4}, {t}: Remove all blue mana from target player.
last 2019-04-27 17:14:43 by Froggychum
Legendary Creature – Elder Hound
If you start with Orville the Ancient in your opening hand, you may put him onto the battlefield.
Orville the Ancient enters the battlefield with a number of -1/-1 counters on him equal to the turn
last 2019-04-27 14:49:09 by Froggychum
Token Artifact
{t}, Sacrifice Feces: Add {b}
Token Artifact
{r}, {t}, Sacrifice Bubble: Add {u}{u}
Legendary Creature – Cat Demon
{t}: Destroy target permanent and create a Feces token.

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On Patches the Foster:

That's basically my shtick.

So far all our dogs are thirsty as hecc, probably the long international car-car rides they took to get here :(

On Patches the Foster:

That second ability is super weird. Interesting, but weird.

On Orville the Ancient:

Oof i missed this comment.

Yeah I liked the Elder thing cause it's bittersweet, but also any excuse to use it is absolutely something I will do :)

On Orville the Ancient:

This is sad but also kinda cute. The elder creature type really makes it sad to me. good old boy

On Orville the Ancient:

Supposed to represent how old this friggin dogg is.

we'll probably have him til he dies -_-

Edit: backstory for people who like to hear about tragic angry thingies. Dog is like 15 years old we dunno and his ONE family left him in a rainstorm, presumably because he's too old to care for. We got him thinking he'd die in a week because he was depressed, but now he could last a year !

On Patches the Foster:

he chewed the baseboards so now he lives in his kennel

pay f

On Patches the Foster:

Yeah so we're fostering, and so far he is a very thirsty boi

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