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A tiny draft set similar to conspiracy. Teammates change mid-game.

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At the beginning of each teammate's upkeep, if that player isn't opponents with any of your teammates, you draw a card and gain 1 life. If you aren't opponents with any of that player's teammates, that player draws a card and gains 1 life.
last 2017-09-15 15:23:42 by continuumg
Creature – Human Warrior
Coalition (At the beginning of each teammate's combat step, you may have that player gain control of this creature until end of turn.)
Whenever a player gains control of Frenzied Loyalist, untap it.
Creature – Elemental
Surge {1}{u} (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)
{1}, Sacrifice Bloodstone: Target player becomes your opponent.
{1}, Exile Bloodstone from your graveyard: Target player becomes your teammate.
Creature – Human Soldier
At the beginning of your end step, Deploy 1 (A player with the least creatures among you and your teammates creates a 1/1 white Soldier creature token.).

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On Utopia Pact:

This is a clear example of overcomplexity in this set. I'm gonna have to review all my cycles and rethink rarity of team-matters cards.

On Prepare for War:

Possible replacement for Army of Oppression.

On Shaman of Allegiance:

Maybe this should just be a 2/2

On War-Pact General:

Might want First Strike

On Rushclaw Knight:

This could maybe be rare.

On Thought Recycling:

Might add "That player becomes your teammate"

Might also drop the cost to 1BG

On Aether Oversurge:

Maybe mono-red

On Questionable Justice:

Possibly 1WB

On Utopia Pact:

Possible replacement for Utopia Project.

On Kinbond Druid:

Possibly uncommon.

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