Back To The Future

Back To The Future by Tom Galloway

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1 with no rarity, 1 common, 2 uncommons,
4 rares, 5 mythics

1 colourless, 5 white, 1 blue,
2 black, 1 red, 3 artifact

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The Complete Back to the Future Movies

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Bttf3 buford tannen
Creature – Cowboy
Noon? I do my killin' before breakfast! Seven o'clock!
PlanesWalker – Marty
+1 All Creatures gain Flying
until end of turn
-2 Return a card from
Graveyard into your Hand
-8 For the rest of the Game
you may draw two cards during your draw Phase
This is heavy.
Target Player Skips next Turn.
That was so stupid! Grandpa hit him with the car.
Enchantment – Aura
Enchanted Creature

Enchanted Creature gets -1/-1 and can't block
It's like it's been erased.Erased from existence.

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