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Final Fantasy by Jorge "Ragnarok" Brites

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Just a few MTG cards based on FF characters.

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Planeswalker – Cid
+1: Target permanent from a Final Fantasy expansion becomes indestructible.

-2: You may cast a Final Fantasy expansion card from your graveyard without paying it's mana cost.

-10: Draw seven cards, then cast any number of cards from a Final Fantasy expansion without paying it's mana cost. They gain Split Second until the end of turn.
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2010-11-20 14:59:49 by Jorge "Ragnarok" Brites
{3} {w}
Choose one – Return target non-black creature from your graveyard to play; or destroy target black creature.

Entwine 1W (Choose both if you paid the Entwine cost)
"Life is bless, cursed by the wicked ones" – Aeris Gainsborough
last 2010-11-25 11:02:37 by Alex
Tonberry color
Creature – Nightmare
Tonberry does not untap during your untap step unless you remove 2 step counters from him.

At the beginning of your upkeep put a step counter on Tonberry.

T: Target player sacrifices a creature of your choice. Put a +1/+1 counter on Tonberry.
"Darkness harbors many dangers. A lamp light can be one of the worse" – Cid
last 2010-12-09 19:40:49 by Veredictum
Chocobo realistic
Creature – Bird
Legendary creatures you control can only be blocked by creatures that do not share a color with them.

Legendary creature you control can't be target of spells or abilities that share a color with them
“Kweeehhh!!!” – Chocobo
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2010-11-20 15:19:40 by Jorge "Ragnarok" Brites
Legendary Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gets +3/+0 and Vigilance. As long as equipped creature has "Sephirot", "Auron" or "Gilgamesh" in it's name it gets an additional +2/+0, Trample and Double Strike.

If a creature with Sephirot in it's name comes into play attach Masamune to it. You cannot pay Masamune's equip cost as long as it is attached to a creature with Sephirot in it's name.

Equip: 3
"Even the most powerful weapons are useless if you do not possess the skill to wield them." – Hades, Legendary Synthesizer
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2010-11-20 15:06:30 by Jorge "Ragnarok" Brites

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On Final Fantasy:

I think this is interesting. But I have a few problems with it. Just putting RR, T or 2UU doesn't do anything, use { and } to make {r}{r}, {t} and {2}{u}{u}, the same goes for planeswalker abilities, but you use [ and ] instead.

On Whale Zombie:

There are three cards with Whale in the type, Narwhal, Killer Whale and Great Whale, but none that look likely to be reprinted. (Eg. Quest for Ula's Temple didn't mention Whales when it might have.) I think either keeping Whale, or folding this into leviathan would be fine.

On Whale Zombie:
  1. Doesn't Whale have it's own creature type?

  2. If you summoned me, I would not block that thing, either.
On Whale Zombie:

I feel like a leviathan should be bigger, and have higher toughness, but maybe that's just me.

On Kuja Tribal:
on 2011-02-28 21:25:45 by Visitor:

That's the wrong "it's." It should be "its."

On Tonberry:

How would you keep track of which counters are step counters and which are +1/+1 counters? Definetely a Tonberry, i hate those little assassins :P

On Life:

Nice card, but it should still be uncommon. Neither half is an effect white gets at common.

On Kuja Tribal:

The big bad boss from FF IX (or is it?). The guy knew all kind of powerful spells and cast them non-stop. And even after beating him, he would still cast Ultima, rending your characters useless and effectively ending the battle in his favor. Damn those Archenemies plot twists like events.

On Chocobo:

First rules line should probably just give the LCs intimidate to be less wordy and still keep an unblockable feeling, the opposite of the current ability. But ridding a big yellow ostrich doesn't sound intimidating so we settled for this one.

On Irvine Kinneas:

Should this card be an "Archer"? Or a Soldier (like Alaborn Musketeer).

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