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Doctor Who by Jonathan Lockwood

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Artifact Creature – Angel
Weeping Angel can't block.
Whatever you do, don't blink. -The Doctor.
last 2016-04-18 02:36:28 by KeresAcheron
Army of ghosts daleks
Put a 3/2 Legendary Dalek creature token named "Dalek Thay" onto the battlefield. It has flying and deathtouch.
Put a 3/2 Legendary Dalek creature token named "Dalek Jast" onto the battlefield. It has flying and infect.
Legendary Creature – Dalek
Emergency Temporal Shift!
Small black dalek
Legendary Creature – Dalek
First Strike
Which of you is least important?
Hey who turned out the lights by tibots
Creatures can't block this turn.
Count the shadows.

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On Weeping Angel:

Maybe can't attack or block if a spell has been cast this turn. (casting spells shows someone watching, or maybe the reverse.)

On Weeping Angel:

I'm not a Dr. Who fan, but weeping angels can only move when nobody is looking at them, correct? I feel like there's probably a better way to portray that mechanically.

On Weeping Angel:

It doesn't seem to make sense flavorwise. Shouldn't it at least have defender?

On Sonic Screwdriver:

I think it could be either: it's originally a manufactured item, but the doctor's specific one is special because it's become his symbol.

Edit: If this is a token made by the Doctor Who planeswalker, it should be decided whether you want him to be able to deploy multiples (presumably yes, just as it is at the moment).

On Sonic Screwdriver:

Not really. The Doctor has had a bunch, and other people occasionally have as well. The Master actually has a laser screwdriver.

On Sonic Screwdriver:

Legendary? I don't know enough Dr. Who whether or not this is...

On Dreamworld:

This is an interesting idea. I'm thinking I might use this in my set. Here's my take:

"Frozen Sun {4}

Artifact - rare

At the beginning of each upkeep, you may sacrifice another permanent. If you do, target opponent gains control of Frozen Sun.

If you tap a permanent for mana, it produces colorless mana instead of any other type."

On Dreamlord:

What does dreamwalk do? If your opponent is dreaming, it's unblockable?

On Weeping Angel:

That's a really creepy pic. I wish Wizards could print animated GIFs on cards.

On Doctor Who:

You may like to compare notes with the author of the other Doctor Who cardset in Multiverse, The Oncoming Storm :)

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