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Five different flavors of Magic

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Essence is a quality of a card, just like color. Think of them as orthogonal to colors. They are indicated on the type line as symbols before the supertypes.


Fractal Creature - Human Warrior


Mystic Instant


Psychic Enchantment


Entropy Legendary Creature - Dragon


Force Land

First set only has Essence cards from its main colors. e.g. Fractal cards will only be found in GWU. Second set starts to mix and corrupt the Essences, but only dabbling. e.g. Fractal cards will be found in B and R, but majority of Fractal cards are still GWU. Third set will see cards with more than one Essences. e.g. a card that is both Fractal and Force.

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Fractal Enchantment
You and all Fractal creatures you control have absorb 1.
Psychic Enchantment
At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player puts a -1/-1 counter on a creature he or she controls. If he or she doesn't, Worrier's Day deals 1 damage to him or her.

Psi 4 (When this card is discarded, you may have target player displace 4 cards.)
Psychic Creature
Vandalism (A player dealt damage by this creature displaces a card instead of losing life for each damage. )

{1},{t}: Psychic Tim deals 2 damage to target creature or player.
Fractal Creature – Snake Rogue
Fractal Cloning Mindlinker enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it.

Mindlink 1 (Whenever this creature deals damage to an opponent, draw 1 cards.)

{3}, {t}, Remove two +1/+1 counters from Fractal Cloning Mindlinker: Put a copy of Fractal Cloning Mindlinker onto the battlefield.
Mystic Instant
Counter target spell.

Divulge {1}{u}{u} (While you're searching your library, you may play this card from your library by paying {1}{u}{u} rather than paying its mana cost.)
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On Mystic Counterspell:

This kind of mechanic has the tremendous potential for being misplayed: you can search with a fetchland to play it that way, but then you can't actually use the land you're searching for to pay for it.

On Mystic Counterspell:

Wow, that's pretty fascinating. And scary. An unpopped Misty Rainforest has never looked so intimidating. Nickname: "Sakura-Tribe Elder Bites Back" :)

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